Swim Meet Officials
Team Official Coordinator
Gerry Brazeau
Cell # - (502)664-1000
E-mail –
Tuesday, November 2, 2011
The second Stroke & Turn Clinic @ the Blairwood Club 6:30 pm. w/ the location being in the back restaurant area.
A TIMER JUDGE clinic for Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at 6:30 pm at Blairwood Club
The Timer Judge runs the Meet Manager computer software during a meet.  Correct use of Meet Manager is essential, because nothing is more important to a swimmer than his/her official time!  If you currently serve in this position, or are interested in learning about it, a Timer Judge clinic is required for certification.
TRITON Swimming needs your help! So, please notify Gerry Brazeau with your intentions to show up on Tuesday, November 2, 2010. 
Once you have completed becoming a Kentucky Swimming Official. The team will reimburse you for the 2011 Non Athlete Registration Application of $55.00. Please look at the below information, attend the clinic, fill out the application for officials’ certification, and apprentice 4 times (receive a signature from the referee). Once this is completed send all information to the Susie Tonini, 7610 Beech Spring Ct, Louisville, KY 40241.
Once you receive your officials badge and information form Kentucky Swimming, please make copies for reimbursement from TRITON Swimming
New Official Links:
·                  How to Become a Certified Stroke and Turn Official
·                  New Official Certification Clinic Outline
·                  Download Apprentice Forms

I.      Attend New Stroke and Turn Certification Class
        a.    Class schedule posted on KYLSC.ORG Officials page
        b.    Sign-in
        c.    Forms:
               i.    Application for Official’s Certification
                     1.    Complete and return to instructor
               ii.    USA Swimming Non-athlete Registration Application
                     1.    Complete and return to your coach/rep who will mail to USA swimming with registration           fee
        d.    USA Swimming Instruction Video
II.     Take Stroke and Turn/Timer Test
        a.    Take on-line at
        - go to
        - select MEMBER RESOURCES from the menu at top of page, then select OFFICIALS
        - from the Official's page, select TESTING & CERTIFICATION from the menu on left
        - select ONLINE OFFICIALS TEST from menu on left
        - follow instructions to sign in, then select the STROKE & TURN/TIMER.
III.    Apprentice 4 Sessions
        a.    Attend stroke briefing 30 minutes prior to each session – SIGN IN
        b.    MUST have Apprentice Verification Form filled out for each session
        c.    Apprentice with various ages/levels of swimmers
        d.    Wear white top with navy blue bottoms, white shoes
        e.    Submit Completed Apprentice Verification Form
                i.    Keep a copy for yourself
                ii.    Scan in and email to
                – OR--
                 iii.    Mail to:          Susie Tonini
                                               7610 Beech Spring Ct.
                                               Louisville, KY 40241
IV.   Join KYOFFICIALS Yahoo email group
        a.    Important information is sent to all officials via this email group
        b.    Instructions on how to join are on KYLSC.ORG Officials page         
V.    Receive Credentials
        a.    USA Swimming Membership Card
        b.    Kentucky Swimming Official Certification Card
        c.    Kentucky Swimming Badge
VI.   Display Credentials
        a.    Wear all credentials when on deck
        b.    Have Kentucky Certification Card signed after each session
VII.  Timely Completion
        a.    Complete entire process in 1 calendar year
VIII. Resources
        a.    KYLSC.ORG Officials page
        b.    USASWIMMING.ORG – member resources/officials
        c.    Other officials

     Thanks for volunteering
     Why officiate
     Overview of class
 Requirements (“How To” sheet)
     Re-certification, advancement
     Create fair competition environment
     Swimmer gets benefit of doubt
     Only call what you see
     Conduct on deck
          Attire, credentials
          Officials briefing
          Parents, coaches
          Sign in sheets, signed card
     How to signal a disqualification
          Raise hand in timely manner
          State jurisdiction
          What did you see?
          What is the rule?
          Ask questions/backup
          Pause after each stroke for review and questions
     Quick summary of what was covered
     Collect info sheets and sign-in sheet
     Confirm USA non-athlete forms

Remind of remaining requirements

Download Apprentice Forms
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