Meet Procedure

Swim Meet Procedures

1.     Warm-up:  The warm-up is an important part of successful swim meet and individual performance.  Ordinarily warm-ups will begin 30-45 minutes before the actual start of a meet.  Parents need to plan on having their child/children here 15 minutes before warm ups.  Swimmers should be dressed, have all equipment and be ready to swim!

2.     Team Area: It is customary for the Barracudas to have an assigned “team area” at meets and to stay together as a group.  Swimmers are not to be in unauthorized areas of the building (i.e. weight room, gym areas, etc.).  It is important for the swimmers to stay with the group so the coaches will not have to search for the child when it is time for them to swim.  Parents, please do not let your children overeat during a swim meet.  Appropriate snacks while at a meet would be, fruit, bagels, pretzels, fruit roll-ups, or any other low fat, high carbohydrate, low in sugar snacks.  No sodas at least one (1) hour before events.  Water or Gator-aide are good choices. (Being hydrated is more important than snacks!  Drink, drink, drink).

3.      Heat Sheets:Heat sheets will be posted in the team area that shows what events in which your child is entered.  Parents of younger swimmers may wish to write the event number on the child’s hand.  This helps to remind them when to report to the clerk of course.

4.     End of Race: At the conclusion of each race, all swimmers should ask the timers for his/her unofficial time.  The swimmers should next come to the coaches so they can offer comments and feedback.  This is very important!

Etiquette Guidelines for Swimmers, Parents and Coaches

 Proper sportsmanship behavior is expected of all swimmers, parents and coaches at all practices and meets.  The following behaviors are considered UNACCEPTABLE by the Ashland program.

 1.  Use of and/or possession of any drug, alcohol, or tobacco product

2.   Use of foul or inappropriate language

3.   Non-compliance to directions or instructions given by a coach or an assigned representative at any organized function

4.   Behavior considered demeaning or rude directed at any teammate, coach, official or representative of the Ashland “Y” program