PST Partners
Fee Structure

Annual USA Swimming Membership Fee

$86 per swimmer - This fee is required for USA swimming membership which includes insurance, eligibility to compete, and SPLASH magazine.

Monthly Training Group Fees

Bronze - $75

Silver/Senior 1 - $115

National Development/National - $130

Swim Meet Entry Fees

These fees are billed to each participating athlete's account once the team entry has been mailed to the host club. Once you have committed to entering the meet, you are responsible for the entry fees.

Multiple Child Discount

Families with multiple children on the team receive a discount on the monthly training fees as follows: 5% for 2nd child, 10% for 3rd child, 15% for 4 or more children.


Account Cancelation/Suspension

Families need to alert the team treasurer 30 days prior to cancelation or temporary leave to avoid a collections process. Alerting the coach at the pool is not an appropriate method of cancelation. To reactivate a membership, please confirm with the coaching staff the appropriate training group (which may change), and email the team treasurer.