PST Partners
PAC Facility Rules

The Paducah Athletic Club (PAC) is a private health club with a membership that pays for the privilege of using the facility. PST has a usage contract in place with the PAC for lane space and time to run our program on a year-round basis. 

PST membership does not include a membership to the Paducah Athletic Club.  All PST parents are encouraged to consider membership to the PAC, but it is not required to be a member of the team. 

The PAC facility rules in regards to PST parents and swimmers are as follows:

• PST parents and swimmers who are not members of the PAC are not permitted in the water at anytime unless participating in a PST practice session, swim meet, or team event under the direct supervision of a PST coach who is a certified coaching member of USA Swimming.

• PST parents who are members of the PAC MUST check in at the front desk before using any pool, hot tub, or workout areas in the facility. 

• PST swimmers are NOT permitted in the hot tub or teaching pool during our practice sessions for any reason. This includes the time just prior to a practice session when they arrive and right after a practice session when they are preparing to leave. PAC members are asked to respect this buffer time before and after our practice sessions and abide by all PAC rules and regulations regarding the use of the aquatic facility. 

• PST swimmers and parents are expected to assist us in keeping the facility clean and in good working order.  Please make sure your swimmers clean up equipment after using it and throw away any trash they are responsible for before leaving.