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Swim Meet Information

Below you will find important information you should know regarding swim meets. With the exception of volunteer opportunities and warm up and start times listed below, which are specific to our home meets, the majority of the information can also apply to all meets you will attend.

Parent Involvement & Volunteer Requirements (for home meets):

If your swimmer has competed in any prior meets, you are required to sign up for two volunteer sessions per family for our home meets. You are not required to volunteer if your swimmer is competing in their first meet. To sign up to volunteer, you must first register an email address with Team Unify by contacting Steve Stokes at Once your account has been created, you will then be able to login to manage your account, register or decline your swimmer(s) for upcoming meets, sign up for volunteer opportunities at home meets, view your swimmers past meet results and much more. The volunteer opportunities will be posted on the Team Events page or in the Swim Meet tab in the Events section of the website home page by clicking the Job Signup button next to the specific home meet link.

What to bring to the meet:

Your swimmer will need goggles (and an extra pair - just in case), swimsuit, swim cap (extra - just in case), and at least two towels. Many of the younger swimmers write the events, heat, and lane on their arm with a Sharpie marker so they do not miss their events. It is very important to keep the swimmers muscles warm between events. A sweatshirt and pants (Team apparel and spirit wear) can be helpful. Shoes are required.

There can be a considerable amount of down time between events. Be sure to bring something to keep your swimmer and yourself entertained.

You will also want to bring chairs for you and your swimmer. Bleachers are available but limited. We like to encourage PST to sit together. This is a great time for your child to connect with other swimmers and you with other parents.

Your child will burn a lot of calories while swimming. You will want to make sure they refuel and rehydrate after their events. Concessions will be available (and a major fundraiser for the team), however, you are allowed to bring in your own food and drinks at our events.

Highlighters are useful for marking your swimmers events on your meet program (which will be available for purchase at the concession stand for $5.00). So bring money - small bills are encouraged.

Meet preparation:

Your swimmer should eat a well-balanced meal prior to the meet. Check out for tips on meals and snacks.

Warm ups times for each session can be located in the meet announcement or by asking your coach.  Your swimmer should be ready to enter the water at least five minutes prior to warm up.

During warm up is a great time to purchase and highlight your swimmers events on the meet program. Don't forget to check the relays.

After warm up is a good time to write your swimmers events on their arm or leg. Write the event #, heat #, lane # and stroke and length. You may want to use a different color for each day.

During the meet:

If your swimmer is 8 or under they will check in with the Clerk of Course. At our home meets at the PAC the Clerk of Course will be located in the corner of the pool in front of the large overhead door. You should send your swimmer to speak with the Coach an event or two prior to the one posted at Clerk of Course.

It is your job to make sure your swimmer is on time for their race. Watch the event numbers posted. It is also helpful to mark off events in the program as they happen.

After the race, your swimmer will need to speak to the Coach and warm down in lane eight. The order in which those happen will be instructed by the Coach.

After the meet:

Let the clean-up begin!! Please be sure to help out. You can start by making sure your area is clear of any trash.

Additional resources:

Browse our entire website. Many questions can be answered here. is a great resource to learn more about your child's sport and your role in the sport.

Please feel free to contact one of our Meet Directors if you have any questions.

Melanie Patel
Meet Director
(270) 217-5646