Fall Break Special

Register for Fall Break Special Session

Skills required for each level:
Level 1 = comfort in the water with an instructor.  Although we do want to work with every child and build in safe water habits, we need the children to be comfortable with the instructor in the pool environment. 

Level 2 = comfort and independent movement up to 12.5 yards (half of the pool length) – on stomach and back

Procedure for skills check:

If your child has no swim lesson experience and was not frequently around a pool or lake all summer, you can register for Level 1.   If you are unsure, we can schedule a skills check.
If you’d like to schedule an appointment for the skills check please email Coach Lauren  (email:
More contacts listed below the FAQ section

4 classes = during fall break only. 

Must attend all days (no refunds / no reschedules)


Option A = 5:00p - 5:30p
Option B = 5:30p - 6:00p
Option C = 6:10p - 6:40p
Option D = 6:40p - 7:10p

$65 for the session (includes the 4 classes) - new families
$60 for returning families

Session dates:
October 1st - October 4th (only)

How to add your child's name to the reservation list:
There is NO ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR LESSONS.  You will need to email Lauren ( with the following information:
*Child's name:
*Preferred times (up to 3 using example above):

FALL BREAK SPECIAL: If you will be in town, we may hold a one week 4 day session for a discounted rate if you're a returning family.


How many swimmers per class?
We will have a minimum of 3 swimmers with a Maximum of 6 swimmers per class.  Most classes will cap out at about 5 in perfect conditions. 

My child is not ready to be in the water with an instructor are there other options?
Yes we can look at offering a “Parent and Me” class if the interest is there to add that level of class.  This is a class where younger participants become more comfortable in the water with a parent (in the pool) and the instructor.  The instructor guides the parents on working with the kids in the pool.  There will be some games / songs and parents and instructors pass the children safely back and forth to help the child gain comfort in the pool environment with a new instructor.

How young can we begin to teach lessons:
We can have the participants as young as 3.  As long as the participant is comfortable in the water, with an instructor.

What does comfortable in the water with an instructor mean?
The child is not crying or hesitant about getting into the pool with a new person.    The with a tight turn around between lessons, we will need all participants ready to participate throughout the lesson.  That is why we limit the number of students.  This way we get more ‘face time’ with the instructor.  The more the swimmers practice the movements, the better their chances of moving to the next group.

Best way to contact a member of RACE Aquatics is via email:

Lauren -