2017 RACE 2 State

RACE to State

Saturday, February 18 & Sunday, February 19


HYV results files for TM import  (will be posted here after the meet) =

*Special Note: Coaches Social at the 643 Restaurant, will be held on Saturday, February 18th following the meet.   This is an LSC approved function for Coaches to interact and share ideas.  Ideas can include the LSC operation, LSC Championship meets, LSC House of Delegates meetings and general training tips and ideas for each other.

Event information and files:
Meet information (pdf) = click here
Meet event files for import = click here ***File updated Jan 20, 2017.  
***Old file (ending in 003) - had a MAX entry for the meet as 5 (when it should be 5 per day).  Be sure you have new file ending in (001).

Meet links:
Session report (time line) - To be posted soon
Psych Sheet  - To be posted
Warm up lane assignments - To be posted


Saturday & Sunday AM Sessions (11 & Over Swimmers)

Warm Up =
8:00am Saturday 8:30 Sunday

Meet Start =
9:00am Saturday 9:30 Sunday

*Special note: check in for the 1650  due by 12 noon on Saturday
SUNDAY 1650 Freestyle session:  Warm up 7:00am  // 1650 Start: 8:00am 
Swimmers will need to provide timers and lap counters for this session
Saturday and Sunday - PM sessions = (10 & Under Swimmers)

Warm Up = 
12:40 pm Saturday 1:00 Sunday

Meet Start = 
1:30 pm Saturday 2:00 Sunday

Breaks may be scheduled during the session to allow athlete recovery.  Officials and coaches can discuss this in the coaches / officials meeting.

We are still on track to do a limited number of time trials after the Sunday AM session.   Time trials will run immediately after the morning session.  Please register for those at the timing table.  There will be a strict cut-off time to sign up for these. Payment is due at the time of time trial registration.

Swim Meet Information:
Facility - Warren County Aquatic Center
303 Lovers Lane, Bowling Green, KY  (adjacent to Briarwood Elementary School and Warren County Board of Education buildings)

Google maps - click here
(Aquatic center is the square building to the left of the 'pin' location pointer)


Please let us know if you need anything else for your files.