Team Fees

Monthly Team Dues beginning 9/1/16 are yet to be determined



Monthly Dues



Monthly Dues


Manual Payment

Pre-Competition Group

$50 $55

Dog Paddlers Team



Developmental Team

$55 $60

Age Group Team



Pre-Senior Team



Senior Team



*Swimmers may attend any number of practices per week or month.

New Swimmer Registration:

  • All new swimmers must register through the website
  • A $50 non-refundable registration fee must be paid through the registration system (first-time, new members only)
  • All new swimmers must pay their first month's dues before beginning practices


  • 2nd child receives $10 off monthly dues
  • 3rd child receives $20 off monthly dues
  • Family maximum of $250 / month in monthly dues only (does NOT include high school fees or any other fees)
  • There is NO multiple swimmer discount for the Pre-Competition group

Other Membership Fees

  • Before beginning their second month of practice:
    • All swimmers are required to become members of USA Swimming.  The annual fee is $85.
    • Each additional USA membership within the same family is $75.

Quitting or Rejoining the Team

  • If a swimmer chooses to no longer participate in the program at any time, you must notify us IN WRITING prior to the 25th of the month.  This will terminate their membership for the upcoming month. 
  • Each swimmer who quits and wants to rejoin the team must pay a $30 reactivation fee plus any outstanding amounts owed.  The reactivation fee is per swimmer, per occurrence.