2020-2021 Meet Schedule

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2020-2021 Swim Meet Schedule

Juniors and Seniors register themselves for meets.

For other practice groups, the coach will make up the entries to all meets.  Entries are usually submitted four to six weeks prior to a meet. 


Note: If a swimmer cannot be in a meet that s/he has has selected, the swimmer must notify the coach in writing as soon as possible before entries are to be sent in. If entries have already been submitted, the swimmer will NOT be entitled to refund considerations.  Otherwise, a swimmer will be entered, expected to swim and required to pay the entry fee.  (If you mark a meet in any way, it will count as being marked and you will be responsible for the fees.)

2020-2021 Swim Meet Schedule is not available at this time and will be posted here when available.  

Check your email for updates.

Check the Swim Meet listing on the LAMVAC home page for information about each swim meet, including dates, directions to the facility, meet sheets and registration.