Team Levels

Team Level – Age Group


The Piranha group is for the 8-and-under age group, the novice 9 to 11 year olds and older swimmers who need more conditioning and stroke development before entering the Tiger Shark group.

Prerequisites: Swimmers must be able to complete 25 yards of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke in good form and have a working knowledge of butterfly kick. Piranhas may attend swim meets as soon as their coach recommends. Fins are required for swimming at this level.

Practice: Piranha practices are available Monday through Friday for 45 minutes, and we recommend at least 3 practices per week.

Tiger Sharks

The Tiger Shark group is for swimmers aged 9-10 and 11-14 who need more stroke development before entering the Junior group.

Prerequisites: Swimmers must use the proper stroke technique for all four competitive strokes to qualify for this level. Tiger Sharks are encouraged to attend all swim meets for which they qualify.

Practice: Tiger Shark practices are available Monday through Friday for 75 minutes, with some Saturday practices for 2 hours.  We recommend at least 4 practices per week.


Team Level – Senior


This is the first phase of the senior development program.

Prerequisites: Swimmers must be at least 11 years old and ready to train for 2-hour workout sessions. Juniors must be proficient in all strokes, starts, and turns to qualify for this group. Swimmers in this group should attend scheduled meets in order to achieve Junior Olympic qualifying times. High School age swimmers may also qualify for Senior meets.

Practice: Junior practices are available Monday through Friday and most Saturdays for 2 hours. We recommend a minimum of 5 practices per week.


This group is for swimmers who are ready for elite training and may compete on a regional or national level.

Prerequisites: Approval of Head coach.

Practice: Senior practices are available Monday through Saturday for 2 hours, plus additional 90 minutes early morning practices on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Seniors are expected to attend all workout sessions offered. It is also required that Seniors sign-up for the strength training program at Foothill College.