Board Members

Board Members

The LAMVAC Board meets 7-8:30 p.m. the second Wednesday of every month.

President Darrell Hoff
Treasurer Amy Schroeder
Secretary Open


The Secretary is responsible for the following:

  • Maintenance of all legal records of board business.
  • Serving as recording secretary and being directly responsible for taking and transcribing minutes of the club’s board meetings.
  • Liaising with other board members as necessary
  • Attending monthly board meetings


Vice President/Meet Director Hongjun Zhu
Service Coordinator Fatima Ung
Membership Laura Colletti
LAMVAC will have a vacancy for this position in June; here are the job duties. The coordinator:
  • Responds to email requesting tryouts and coordinates tryout times with coaches (the club typically sets the tryout time at beginning of the season)
  • Inputs tryout information into a Google document for Billing to approve the swimmer’s registration
  • Ensures the Membership content of the LAMVAC website is accurate and current
  • Updates brochures as needed
  • Prints and resupplies tryout forms and brochures at the pools
  • Helps LAMVAC marketing efforts by promoting LAMVAC at a table during the Mountain View Parade; modifying the handouts for the new summer session; and printing about 100 copies of the brochure and summer programs for distribution
  • Reorders T-shirts and caps (and stores them) as needed
  • Attends monthly board meetings
  • Helps with parents with registration as needed
  • Distributes T-shirts and caps annually and as new members join
  • Runs open tryouts twice a year in September and May for a week at Eagle Park Pool and Foothill College Pool (typically for four days)
  • Reviews attendance sheets to assist Billing

Interested? Email a board member.


Marketing Coordinator:

The Marketing Coordinator is responsible for the following:


  • Marketing support, including the coordination of events, contests, advertising, press releases and public relations
  • Overseeing other parent volunteers who wish to assist in the club’s marketing efforts
  • Design and development of the team's marketing materials
  • Liaising with other board members and parent volunteers, as necessary
  • Assisting with miscellaneous duties related to marketing
  • Attending monthly board meetings

If you are interested in serving in a position that is open, please contact the president or any of the other Board members.

Other Useful Club Contacts

Membership Coordinator Cheryl Branson
Webmaster Gwynne Young