Board Members

Board Members

The LAMVAC Board meets 7-8:30 p.m. the second Wednesday of every month.

President Alicia Koht
Treasurer Amy Schroeder
Secretary Sonoo Ching
Meet Director/Vice President OPEN
The Meet Director is responsible for leading the planning and execution of team-hosted swim meets. The meet director serves as the main point of contact and works with committees, officials, coaches and Pacific Swimming staff to ensure that swim meets are planned according to, and compliant with, USA Swimming policies and pool venue rules. Event details such as volunteers, hospitality, concessions and safety are collectively planned with committee heads.
Service Coordinator Christie Heit
Membership Joan Chong
Marketing Coordinator


Sue Jones

If you are interested in serving in a position that is open, please contact the president or any of the other Board members.

Other Useful Club Contacts

Membership Coordinator Alice Tong
Webmaster Gwynne Young