Competitive Programs

Nu Wave Swim Club

The Nu Wave Swim Club offers professional technical instruction and training. Nu Wave provides two tracks for swimmers focusing on the experience level of each athlete and commitment and goals of each swimmer and their family. 

Technique & Fitness

Our Technique & Fitness Groups focus on developing each swimmer through developmentally appropriate challenges, technical refinement, and competitive opportunities while allowing for a more convenient practice attendance expectation. 


High Performance

Our High Performance Groups focus on a more advanced training structure that has stronger program commitments to allow each athlete the opportunity to reach their competitive potential. 

The requirements and expectations are listed below for each group and will take affect starting at the beginning of the current season. The progression of each swimmer through our training groups is based on a swimmer exceeding the expectations of their current group. Through constant evaluation from the coaching staff and a commitment to the higher expectations of the next group, each swimmer is identified by our coaches for potential advancement. The majority of group movement will take place as we enter a new swim season. However, swimmers demonstrating exceptional progression within a practice group may be offered the opportunity to transition to the next group during a swim season. Ultimately, all decisions are determined by the Lead Coach of a swimmer's current group with approval of the Head Coach of Nu Wave Swim Club and based on the individual level of each swimmer.