Practice Behavior Action Plan

In the event that disciplinary action needs to be taken during a training session, the following "Practice Behavior Action Plan" will be utilized.  The purpose of this plan is to hold everyone accountable for their actions and for the coaches to provide a standard of care that is clearly defined.  

For more information on Code of Conduct, please refer to the 2017-2018 Nu Wave Handbook.


Practice Behavior Action Plan.

First warning:  Charged to the entire group.

Second warning: Charged to the individual. Individual will be removed from the set and will sit out for an extended amount of time to refocus, refresh and come back with a better attitude, work ethic, behavior, etc.

Third warning: Swimmer(s) will be removed from practice and swimmer(s) will then call parent/guardian to inform them of the decision.  The swimmer is welcome to return to practice the next day with no additional consequences unless the severity of the behavior requires it.

Note: Depending on the severity, frequency, etc. Parent may receive a phone call and/or email to inform them of the incident(s).  If issues persist, then a meeting will be scheduled to discuss options, strategies, and/or further consequences.