Tidal Wave
TIDAL WAVE @ Tulane University
Lead Coach: Scott Robinson
Assistant Coach: Greg Harris
  • The Tidal Wave Group is the introductory level of competitive, age-group swimming on the Nu Wave Swim Club.

  • Age range in this group is 8-11 years old.

  • Swimmers will work on detail-oriented technical skills, while maximizing opportunities to become faster swimmers by working to become more efficient.  

  • New Tidal Wave swimmers must show the ability to complete at least 100 yds of continuous freestyle or backstroke, and show the ability to compete in all four strokes legally.      

  • Emphasis is on developing improved techniques for all four competitive strokes.

  • The swimmer must be able to listen and learn in a group environment.

  • Tidal Wave will be offered practices five times per week. Swimmers are asked to attend 60% of the practices offered during any month.



PRACTICE SCHEDULE: Starting Monday, August 19 (2019)

Monday & Wednesday 4:20-5:20 PM (Tulane Reily Center)

Tuesday & Thursday 4:20-5:35 PM (Tulane Reily Center)

Saturday 8:30-10:00 AM (UNO Lakefront Arena)



Equipment Link

(Swimmers are required to bring a kickboard, buoy, fins and snorkel)



Nu Wave Tech Suit Policy For 12&U Swimmers 2018-2020


Tulane Reily Center Athlete Entrance/Supervision Policies