TSUNAMI @ UNO Lakefront Arena
Lead Coach: Ross Hedrick
Assistant Coach: Ryan Wetherbie
  • The Tsunami Group is composed of advanced age group swimmers on the Nu Wave Swim Club who demonstrate a high level of ability and commitment to swimming.

  • Age range for this group is 13-16 years-old (12 yr old swimmers who will turn 13 prior to the State Championships of that current season).
  • Swimmers entering the Tsunami Group must have swimming as their primary focus.  They need to show the ability to retain and improve upon subtle technical corrections and handle a higher level of mental and physical expectations.

  • Proficiency of interval training is a must. Our focus will be on the continued enhancement of race strategy, technical development, speed and endurance training.

  • Swimmers will develop skills necessary to succeed at the State level and be prepared for Regional/National competitions. Swimmers must have achieved 13-14 State Qualifying times in 2 or more strokes or IM event.

  • Swimmers must have achieved an IMR score of at least 1,000 points (12 or Older), and/or an eligible IMX score (12 or Older). Additional Team test sets will be included in the swimmer's evaluation throughout the season.  

  • The Tsunami group will be offered six training sessions per week. Swimmers are expected to attend at least 66% of the practices offered during our short-course and long-course seasons, and at least 60% of scheduled practices offered during the Fall high school season. 



PRACTICE SCHEDULE: Starting Monday, August 26 (2019)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4:30-6:30 PM (UNO Lakefront Arena)

Tuesday & Thursday 5:00-6:30 PM (UNO Lakefront Arena)

Saturday 8:00-10:00 AM (UNO Lakefront Arena)



Equipment Link

(Swimmers are required to bring a kickboard, buoy, fins, paddles and snorkel)