RIPTIDE (Uptown)

Lead Coach @ Isidore Newman School: Marshall Love


  • Riptide is the introductory competitive group for the Nu Wave Swim Club.

  • Age range in this group is 6-8 years old.

  • Riptide swimmers must be comfortable attempting both freestyle and backstroke over a distance of 25 yds. Swimmers must demonstrate side breathing during freestyle and have an adequate level of comfort on their back to swim backstroke. 

  • Emphasis is on developing the techniques for freestyle and backstroke, as well as, introducing competitive breaststroke and butterfly skills, and diving techniques.

  • The swimmer must be able to listen and learn in a group environment.

  • Instructor may coach some sessions from in the water.

  • Riptide swimmers will be offered practices four times per week. Attendance recommendations are that each swimmer attend two practice sessions per week.

  • Coach Marshall emphasizes fun and fitness with professional competitive stroke development.

  • Riptide swimmers are invited to swim in meets approximately once per month. 




Practice Schedule: Winter 2019-2020 (Starting Monday, December 2)

Monday-Thursday 5:15-6:15 PM (Newman School)



Registration: Winter 2019-2020