Lead Coach @ Isidore Newman School: Bridget Wright


  • The White Caps Group is the introductory level of age-group swimming on the Nu Wave Swim Club.

  • Age range in this group is 9-12 years old.

  • New White Caps swimmers must show the ability to complete at least 25 yards of freestyle or backstroke. Swimmers must demonstrate side breathing during freestyle and have an adequate level of comfort on their back to swim backstroke.   

  • Swimmers will work on detail-oriented technical skills, while maximizing opportunities to become faster swimmers by learning to be more efficient.  

  • Emphasis is on developing the techniques for all four competitive strokes. Practices will focus on distances that are competed at USAS 12 & Under club level. 

  • The swimmer must be able to listen and learn in a group environment.

  • White Caps will be offered practices four times per week. Practice attendance recommendations will be that swimmers attend two practices per week. Swimmers and their families will be contacted when the coach feels additional practices are warranted. 

  • White Caps swimmers showing the ability and desire to advance to the Tidal Wave or Cyclone Group must demonstrate technical proficiency in all four strokes, an understanding of intervals and practice etiquette, and agree to the expectations unique to each training group.

  • Swimmers ages 13 & older wishing to focus on high school swimming will be placed in our Varsity Group.

  • Whitecaps swimmers are invited to swim in meets approximately once per month. 




Practice Schedule: Winter 2019-2020 (Starting Monday, December2)

Monday-Thursday 6:15-7:15 PM (Newman School)



Registration: Winter 2019-2020