Private Coaching

 "My five-year-old son had a blast at your facility!  Zach did a lesson with him and taught him how to lateral breath and swim full freestyle! Zach is going to give him two more lessons so he is ramped up for the beginning of the season.  We are looking forward to our lesson next week. Thanks again!"


"Karen is great!  My kids love her classes."


Private Coaching for Athletes of all Ages & Abilities 


Private Swim Coaching


Learn-To-Swim: Private Lessons can be used as an alternative to group lessons. Basics of swimming and water safety will be taught in a nurturing, safe and positive environment.  

Pre-Team: Private Lessons can equip children who are not yet ready to commit to a competitive swim team with the fundamentals and techniques of "legal" strokes while in a one-on-one, fun and motivating swim practice environment.  Watch your child's love for swimming develop and their skills advance, preparing their journey toward becoming a competitive swimmer.

Secondary Sport: If Swimming is a secondary sport for your child, use Private Lessons as a way to keep your child engaged year round!

Competitive Swimmers Edge: Scheduling Private Lessons on a monthly basis is the fast track to strengthening individual stroke mechanics and technique. 

Adult Swim Lessons: Swimming is a safe, sustainable and effective form of exercise.  It's never too late to learn how to swim or overcome a fear of water.  We will provide the nurturing, encouraging supportive environment that will enable you to feel comfortable and competent in the water at your pace.      


Please call 440-463-5366 to schedule your first session  


60  Minutes
(up to 4 swimmers)
30 Minutes
(up to 4 swimmers)



PRIVATE COACHING - BASE RATES for usa coaching staff

Please call 440-463-5366 to schedule your first session


60 Minutes
(up to 4 swimmers)
30 Minutes
(up to 4 swimmers)