Beyond Attendance


Swimmers and parents often think that attending practice fulfills a complete commitment to the team, the coaches and to the sport.  Actually, “attending” practice is only the beginning of making a serious commitment.  The following are aspects of participation beyond just “showing up” that are at the heart of an athlete making a true commitment.  Doing most or all of these will help the swimmer develop, enhance the swimmer’s relationship with the coach and make the team better.


  • Arrive on time – which means early.
  • Help with lane lines.
  • Get in on time, without having to be told.
  • Have all required equipment every day.
  • Warm up with a focus, without stopping or talking and work on technique.
  • Know all the sets and do them correctly.
  • Watch the pace clock, leave on time.
  • Know your times – even easy swims.
  • Monitor your stroke count.
  • Do all turns legally and with good technique.
  • Do not ask to use the restroom in the middle of a set.
  • Do not stop or rest without asking a coach.
  • Work hard consistently – even when you don’t feel good.
  • Know the drills.
  • Be healthy – swimmers shouldn’t “not feel well” too often.
  • Count your laps and repeats and do them all – know when you are done with a set.
  • Be a lane leader. Be positive and encouraging. Make the other swimmers in your lane better.
  • Have integrity about doing EVERYTHING asked and be honest with the coaches.


  • Be at dryland if it is a part of the workout.
  • Wear proper clothing.
  • Be quiet and focused – no social talking.
  • Do the exercises correctly – always emphasize proper technique.
  • Work hard, push yourself.


  • Arrive on time, which means at least 20 minutes before the start of warm-ups.
  • Wear the team T-shirt or apparel.
  • Wear your team cap for races.
  • Never decide not to swim an event without checking with a coach.
  • Get in to warm-up on time and do the team warm-up (with the team).
  • Before races, check with the coaches about your race focus.
  • After races, check with the coaches for feedback.
  • Support and cheer for teammates.
  • Swim relays when asked and/or needed.
  • Give 100% effort in all races, especially relays.
  • Cool down after every race.