PIC Bylaws

Geauga Otters (GO) Swim Team

Parent Involvement Committee Bylaws


Article I. Name


The name of this organization shall be the Otters Parent Involvement Committee (PIC).


Article II. Objectives


To support the mission of the Geauga Family YMCA and the Greater Cleveland YMCA through the development of a quality YMCA swim team by the conduct of swim meets, team public relations, and social activities.


To advocate for the GO families to the coaches and the Greater Cleveland YMCA, and to advocate for the team and coaches to the parents of the team and the larger community.


Article III. Officers and Their Duties


            Section 1: Officers


Officers of the GO Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) shall be: President, Secretary, Meet Director,  Officials Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Team Apparel Chair, Social Events Chair, Public Relations Chair, USA Liaison, Head Swim Team Coach and Aquatics Director.   Any of these positions can be filled by one or more people (co-officers).


Duties of the President shall include: Preside over all meetings, oversee team sponsorship program, and supervise the committee and social affairs of the club and its committees.  


Duties of the Secretary shall include: Keep complete records of the PIC meetings, including distribution of minutes.  Aid the Head Coach in team communication and correspondence.


Duties of the Meet Director shall include: Provide Head Coach with support for all home meets. Organize and direct the efforts of all the people running the meet. Assure that athletes have a safe, consistent, and competitive environment to swim. This may include: (1) Contacting visiting teams to provide entry file and meet information. (2) Operate Meet Manager and the Colorado Timing System at meets. (3) Working with Officials Chair and Volunteer Coordinator to ensure that all meet workers are in place. (4) Provide meet results to all participating teams in a timely manner. (5) Mail dual meet results and score sheet to the NEO League secretary on Monday following the meet.





Duties of the Officials Coordinator shall include: Ensure that the recruiting, training and

certification of volunteer swim officials is appropriate to conduct swim meets in accordance with the governing bodies of the sport and insure fair competition. This includes tracking official’s certifications and expiration dates. Coordinate officials at home dual meets.


Duties of the Volunteer Coordinator shall include:  Help solicit volunteers by using web notices, email, sign-up sheets, or telephone calls. Establishes a system or tracking procedure to record volunteer participation.  Record volunteer credits and provide records to the Coach for collection of fines at the end of the season.


Duties of the Team Apparel Chair shall include: With direction, guidance, and approval from the Head Coach and Aquatics Director, work with vendors to make available apparel and equipment specific to the GO Swim Team and provide for the sale of those items to GO families and coaches.


Duties of the Social Events Chair shall include: Recommend social activities and head or

assign task forces for each such activity. These may include regular social events such as the annual banquet and Christmas party, as well as age-group specific events and other special events.


Duties of the Public Relations Chair shall include: Work with the YMCA of Greater Cleveland to publicize the activities and accomplishments of the team. Develop other means of communication to promote team activities and image to the team and the larger community.


Duties of the USA Liaison shall include: Keep team USA registration current and help to keep coach USA registrations current. Collect and submit individual registrations for swimmers, including payment. Collect payments for USA Swimming memberships. Coordinate payments for all individual, coach, and team registrations with the Aquatics Director and/or Head Coach. Work with Lake Erie Swimming/USA Swimming to ensure that GO is an active member of the USA Swimming community.


Duties of the High School Liaison:  (position to be included as long as Chardon High School swim team is a club sport with the Otters) keep the team apprised of operations of the HS team, serve as a communication liaison between the Otters and the HS team


Duties of the Head Coach shall include: Report on status and progress of the team and its schedule, programs, and plans. Serve as communication link between the GO Parents Involvement Committee and the YMCA of Greater Cleveland.


Duties of the Aquatics Director shall include: Work in cooperation with the Head Coach to meet all financial responsibilities, policies, and procedures of the swim team.  Provide administrative support as needed.  Be a champion for the swim team within the Greater Cleveland Association and Y-USA.





Section 2: Composition and Term of Office


(a) Every attempt at approximately equal representation among practice groups shall be made.


(b) Succession: At the first fall meeting of the PIC, the successors to the members whose terms expire that year shall be appointed for a term of TWO years.  Each outgoing PIC member is responsible for training their incoming replacement.


(c) Nominating Council Members: The Aquatics Director, Head Swim Team Coach and the PIC members shall act as a nominating committee each spring to suggest names for appointment to the PIC, to replace those whose terms are expiring or resigning their position. GO parents will also be solicited for self-nomination. A slate should be finalized by the end of the summer.


(d) Term Limitations:  For most offices, there is no term limitation on the PIC, however roles should be rotated bi-annually when possible. The role of the president shall be appointed and re-filled every two years.  A council member can be removed by the YMCA administration if their conduct is found to detrimental to GO at any time.


(e) Resignations and Vacancies: A GO PIC member may resign at any time. The PIC members at any meeting may appoint additional members to fill the unexpired term of any member who has resigned or been removed.


Section 3: Meetings and Participation


The PIC shall meet approximately bi-monthly if possible, but may skip designated months at the end of the various swim seasons, as agreed upon at the beginning of the fall season. If a PIC member cannot attend a meeting, he/she may submit a report by email to the President of the PIC.


If a member misses a succession of regular meetings, he/she may be contacted by the PIC President with an inquiry concerning participation going forward. At the discretion of the President and Head Coach, a member may be deemed to have vacated his/her office by nonparticipation and candidates will be considered to fill the unexpired term.


Article IV. Committees


Section 1: Each PIC member is effectively a chair or co-chair of a committee as defined in Article III, section 1 of these bylaws. It is each PIC member’s responsibility to find members for their committee to aid in pursuit of their responsibilities if deemed necessary.


Section 2: As needed, other committees or task forces may be formed as needs arise.



Article V.  Finances


Section 1: Money obtained on behalf of the swim team from fundraising shall be kept in a Restricted Account by the Geauga YMCA on behalf of the Otters Swim Team.   Any parent with a child on the swim team may request a balance statement from this account at any time provided they give ample notice (2 weeks minimum).   The money in the restricted account will be reinvested in the team through the purchase of needed equipment, pool rental, meet expenses, training and certifications, coaches’ salary, etc.


Section 2:  The Aquatics Director and/or Head Coach may withdraw from the restricted account for purchases less than $300 at any time.


Section 3:  For withdrawls greater than $300, the Aquatics Director and/or Head Coach will seek affirmation of the PIC’s support of the withdrawl.


Section 4:  In the event that the PIC does not approve a withdrawl deemed necessary by the Aquatics Director and/or Head Coach, the Branch Executive will have final authority to authorize the withdrawl.


Section 5:  All purchases for the Swim Team will be made by the Aquatics Director and/or Head Coach using the approved purchasing procedures set by the YMCA of Greater Cleveland. 



Article VI. Amendments

These by-laws may be revised or amended at any meeting by the Head Coach, provided that the proposed changes have been discussed at the previous meeting and/or through communications outside of meetings such as email discussion.