Meet Policies

MEET SCHEDULE POLICY: The coaching staff carefully plans a set meet schedule to ensure that our swimmers perform well and do not get burned out over the course of the season.  GO Swimmers will only be able to enter approved team meets.


MEET COMMITMENT:  As part of the Northeast Ohio YMCA Swim League season, we have 6 dual meets and 2 championship meets. These meets are highly recommended for all swimmers. (Otter Cubs attend only GO home dual meets).  You must qualify at the Divisional Championships (first weekend in February) to be able to go on to the League Championships (first weekend in March).  Registration for dual meets will be done via the team’s website.  The deadline to register for any dual meet is the Wednesday before the meet at noon.


YMCA INVITATIONAL MEETS:  In addition to our 6 dual meets there will be YMCA invitational meets that your child will be able to sign up to swim at.  These meets and information packets as well as meet entry due dates will be posted on our website under the events tab.  To sign up for invitational meets, you must declare your intention to attend the meet and select your child’s events via our website-  Payment for invitational meets is additional (not included in program fees) and will be collected from your payment method on file at the YMCA after you sign up to participate in that meet.  After the team entry is sent, meet fees are not refundable.  Meet entries and payments must be completed prior to the deadline listed on the team website for each particular meet.  If entries or payments are not completed, your child will not be entered in the meet.     


USA SWIMMING (Optional):  GO Swimming is also a USA Swimming Program.  Any swimmer can become USA registered by paying the USA Swimming membership fee ($100). USA Swimming offers extra meets, which are often held at larger venues and with tougher competition.  USA Swimming and all meets associated are an additional fee. We strongly encourage all swimmers with USA “A” times to become USA Swimming members. Please remember that YMCA meets are a priority over USA meets.  USA meets are also listed on our website under the events tab.  You must be a USA member to enter USA meets.  If you would like to find out more about USA Swimming please talk to Aquatic Director Phillip Hearne or e-mail him at [email protected].