Tech Suit Policy



GO royal blue swimsuits should be worn at GO swim meets.



Tech Suits will be permitted at the following meets only:

·         BRAUN Meet (USA SWIMMERS)

·         NEO Y Swimming League Meet

·         USA AGE GROUP CHAMPS (8 and unders, Regional, Age Group, Senior)

·         YMCA Great Lakes Zone Meet

·         YMCA National Meet

·         USA Swimming Zone or Sectional Meets

·         USA Swimming National Level Meets




1.    We do not want our swimmers to be dependent in thinking that the only way to swim fast is a tech/fast suit.

2.    There is a trend gaining momentum across USA Swimming to ban tech suits entirely for 12 and under swimmers.

3.    Tech suits create an attitude on a team that you need to have the best to be the best, which simply isn’t the case: for many years Kenyon distance runners would win marathons running barefoot.

4.    Tech suits are intended to be worn at VERY important swim meets (2-3 times a season), not every meet or ever at practice. They wear quicker than regular suits and are made to be much more fragile.  The typical life expectancy of a tech suit is a half-dozen races and cost well into the $400-over price range. We don’t recommend age group swimmers to ever purchase costly equipment, as they are still growing and sometimes misplace things.



Tech suits are not the answer to swimming fast.  They act as a bonus to help with physical drag in the water, as well as mental edge. Scientifically they can reduce physical drag by up to 5% on elite level swimmers, but having proper technique, solid training, and efficiency in the water ALWAYS leads to time drops.




1.    Practice, practice, practice!  Hard, smart and with intent. With open ears and mind. If you practice hard and consistently: you will be a better swimmer!

2.    Eat healthy, drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep.  Treat your body well.

3.    Listen to your body, if you need rest or a break- take a rest or break! We don’t want to burn kids out of swimming.

4.    Respect your coaches, parents and team mates.  Be a leader and help to create a great atmosphere at practice, meets, and team events.