2019-2020 FAQ's



1. When does the season start?  Practice starts the week of 9/16.  Our first meet is 10/19.


2. What does the practice schedule look like?  We offer practices 5 days a week.  Depending on your age/ability/practice group, kids practice between 2-5 days a week.  Not every practice group has options every day though.  Our newest swimmers practice 2 times a week for 45 minutes.  Our most advanced swimmers practice 4-5 times a week for about 90 minutes each time.


3.  When will we know the practice schedule?  The tentative schedule is posted on the website.  Expect minor changes to the schedule during the first few weeks as we see what levels our swimmers are and make adjustments as needed. 


4.  How much does GO Swimming cost?  Our newest swimmers pay just $180 for the season.  Our most talented zone and national level swimmers pay only $390.  And we have several other options in between.  Relative to other sports and other teams in our area- GO Swimming is a very affordable, high quality program.


5.  What does that cost include?  Practice time from September 16 – the last meet your swimmer qualifies for, up to 6 YMCA dual meets, and any YMCA championship meet your child qualifies for.  Plus a super cool t-shirt J


6.  What are the additional expenses?  All swimmers must have at minimum at Youth membership at the Y ($17 + tax/month) and keep that membership active through the season.  For more info about membership contact the Y at 440-285-7543.  You’ll also need to provide a swim suit and goggles (visit our team store at for information).  We highly recommend a team cap.  Swimmers may also participate in additional YMCA and USA meets invitational meets for an additional fee.


7.  What’s USA Swimming all about?  This is an optional add-on to our standard team membership.  USA swimmers require a USA membership ($100) and there is an extra cost to enter USA meets.  If you are an experienced returning swimmer and would like more info about USA Swimming, see Coach Matt. 


8.  Where can I find all the info in the world about GO Swimming? 

Soon, you’ll also be able to sign up and fill out all your registration information right on our website.  This is also where you can sign up for meet, volunteer opportunities and more!


9. How do I sign up?   After you are a member of the Y and have a payment method on file, go to our website and click on register.  That will take you step by step through everything you need to do!   REGISTRATION WILL OPEN ON SEPTEMBER 6h.   You must be a Y member and register for the team through our website BEFORE your first day of practice.