How To Join LESD

 How To Join

Step 1: Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in the Lake Erie Silver Dolphins (LESD).  Swimmers and families who are interested in joining our team should do the following:

  1. If you are interested in joining our team or enrolling in private lessons, please email Sarah Tobin at to set up a tryout.
  2. In your email, it is helpful if you mention the pool location in which you would like to practice as well as the age, experience or ability of the child(ren) who are interested in joining the team.

Step 2: Tryout

Typically, LESD requires swimmers to tryout.  At the tryout, we usually have parents/guardians complete a Swimmer Information Form.  You can speed this process by printing it off and completing it prior to the tryout.  The tryout is helpful for many reasons:

  • It provides an opportunity in a one on one setting for your child to meet a LESD coach

  • It provides an opportunity for your child to get to see the pool, the pool area, and the locker room facilities

  • It gives the coaches a chance to quickly assess your child’s readiness

  • It provides an opportunity for parents to meet and chat with a LESD coach face to face.

  • At the end of the tryout, a coach will be able to advise you about which practice group your child will best fit in.  Specific information about each swim team group is available on our Swim Group page.

We often advise experienced swimmers not to complete a formal tryout.  Instead, we advise them to come and experience practice with the appropriate group.  If you would like to try a practice, please contact Sarah ( before attending a practice.

Step 3: Complete a Two Week Trial

LESD offers all swimmers a two week trial period.  During these two weeks, you and the  coaches will consider questions such as:

  • Is your child ready to participate on a swim team?  Do they have the necessary skills?  Are they interested?

  • Is LESD a good fit?  Does what you see match with what you want for your child?

  • Which practice group/facility fits your child best?  Which lane is best?

  • How many practices will you attend each week?  How does this work in your family schedule?

  • What are your goals in participating in a swim team? What is your child good at?  What do they need help with?

Step 4: Complete Payment and Registration

When you get to Step 4, then you have completed the process and all that remains is to pay our team fees and registration.  The registration fee is the same for all LESD swimmers, but team fees vary according practice group due to longer practice times and increased practice frequency for more advanced swimmers.



LESD uses an online payment system via Team Unify, and team registration will open mid-August. Please contact Marie Salibra at if you have any questions about the team fees, registration process, etc..

 * If you are transferring to LESD from another USA Swimming Club, then you will also need to complete the USA Swimming Transfer Form.  Transfer forms can also be downloaded from our Documents page.