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Please contact Zone Chair BEFORE completing steps below if you are interested in becoming a Chaperone for the Zone Meet: Lisa Downing, Zone Chair - Email:

2018 Chaperone Registration Fee: $150.00 (Includes transportation, all meals, lodging, T-Shirts, and entry into all sessions of the Zones Meet) This is based on 2 Chaperone per Room lodging.  Chaperones may request their own room for an additional fee of $300.00 (Total $450.00 Chaperone Fee if you wish to request your own room.) **This fee is in addition to any fees associated with Steps 1-2-3 Below**

 ***YOU WILL NEED TO REGISTER ONLINE on this website.  Select "Chaperone" as the group you are registering for.  It will create an invoice for $150.00 Fee and you will be included in all emails.


1 - 2 - 3

Chaperones assisting Lake Erie Swimming and Zone Coaches are required to pass the same education and background requirements as coaches.  It can take several weeks to complete the process; therefore, all chaperones on the LE-CZ staff should begin this process as early as possible.  Chaperones not completing these requirements are unable to participate.

Chaperones must submit a USA-Swimming non-athlete registration form, complete a background check, and take the Athlete Protection Training (APT) before they can chaperone a USA-Swimming event.  There is a time delay between when the registration form is processed (Step 1) and when the APT course can be taken (Step 3), therefore, this process should be started as early as possible. Make copies of all forms and take with you to the meet or event.

  1. Step 1: Complete Non-Athlete USA-Swimming Registration Form (link and instructions below)
  2. Step 2: Complete Level 2 Background Check (link and instructions below)
  3. Step 3: Complete Athlete Protection Training (link and instructions below)

Note: Step 3 can only be done once the LESI Registrar receives your registration form (Step 1) and loads you into the USA-database. Step 2 (Level 1 Background Check) can be done right away.


Step 1: Complete Non-Athlete USA-Swimming Registration Form   Go to Lake Erie Swimming website under “Forms ” and print and complete “2018 Non-Athlete Application”.  Make $66.00 check payable to "LESI".  USA Non-Athlete Application should be mailed to: Pam Cook, 301 Rockledge Drive, Bay Village, Ohio, 44140. Mail form and payment in as soon as possible as there will be a lag time from the time the form is processed and when your account is activated in the USA-Swimming database; all of this is necessary before you can access the APT course  – You can proceed with Step 2 right away.

Step 2: Complete level 2 Background Check

Background checks are valid for 24 months. All non-athlete members (including chaperones) must satisfactorily complete the USA Swimming background check. The cost is $36.50.  Completing a USA Swimming background check is an online process that starts at this link: Click on “Initiate a Background Check” and follow the prompts. You will start the process on the USA Swimming website and subsequently be directed to the Acxiom website. On the USA-Swimming site, you will be asked to acknowledge that you have read the “Notice Regarding Monthly Searches.” Then select the “Background Check for Other Non-Athlete Members (Level 1).”  Once on Acxiom website (the transition is obvious), provide the information requested and pay with a credit card. Be sure to print the “Confirmation Report” (next to last page) and the “Thank You” page at the end. Keep these pages as confirmation that you initiated a check.

Step 3: Complete Athlete Protection Training (APT)

This training can be done once your registration form has been sent to the Ohio Registrar and your name is loaded into the USA-Swimming database.