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Swimmers of the Month - April

Coaches recognize swimmers monthly based on one or more of the following categories: Participation and Effort, Passion, Leadership, and Achievement.  

Ava Speelman, Senior Group 2
Coach Perchinske
Ava is returning to us after multiple surgeries over the course of the past year.  However, she is determined not to let this setback stop her from achieving.  She approaches every practice, set, and exercise with intense focus and unmitigated will.  She is the embodiment of true grit and a shining example for all! 

Noah Beaver, Age Group 3

Coach Kevin
Congratulations to the April Age Group 2&3 Swimmer of Month, Noah Beaver.  Noah has been a leader both in and out of the pool.  He has been a demonstrator and guide for the new swimmers to the group with regards to dryland.  He also leads by example in the water with his work ethic and focus and intensity.  Great job Noah.

Kaylee May, Developmental 3

Coach Chris 
Kaylee has focused even more on her swimming endurance, she has been leading a lane for Dev3, and she has exhibited an even higher level of passion for swimming which is showing in her dryland and in water practice efforts. 
Mathew Pavlov, Developmental 2 Coach Doug
Matt is taking initiative to be a lane leader, he has been improving his freestyle and backstroke by instituting coaches suggestions, and he has been challenging himself to lead Dev2 and race against Dev3 in adjoining lanes. 
Mac Lane, Developmental 1b
Coach Cassidy
Mac comes to practice every day ready to rock.  He has been working very hard on his stroke technique.  He is a leader in his lane and in the group. We are proud of his work ethic!
Roman Yazhbin, Developmental 1a Coach Taylor

Roman has been coming to practice with a great attitude.  He is always asking what he can do better. He has been improving each week and trying his best!

Logan Harris, Pre-Competitive Coach Alexis Logan comes to practice ready to go and eager to swim!  He has a strong work ethic and is always ready to face whatever challenge we throw at him! When provided with a critique on his stroke, Logan will immediately focus on improving that aspect of his technique to improve his overall swimming capabilities!  He is very coachable and always comes to practice with laser focus! 


STARS Alumni

The Solon Stars Swim Club is proud of all of our past student-athletes who have chosen to continue their swimming careers at the collegiate level. 


Class of 2019:

Owen Hanna: North Carolina State University 

Sean Finnerty: University of Rochester 

Taylor Shene: Ithica College 


Class of 2018:

Forrest Campbell: John Carroll University

Kyleah Gaydos: John Carroll University

Ryan Klemmer: Grove City College 

Chris McFarland: University of Findlay

Jared Toaz: University of Findlay


Class of 2017:

Dane Bozsvai: John Carroll University

Connor Johnson: Mount Union University 


Class of 2016:

Emily Gill: American University 

Megan Gross: College of Wooster

Anna Jones: Bowling Green State University

Alyssa Mahle: Baldwin Wallace University

Mary Motch: William and Mary


Class of 2015:

Adam Bozsvai: John Carroll University

Maria Coy: The Ohio State University

Broc Miller: University of Rochester

Grant Pinchot: The Ohio State University

Becca Porter: Allegheny College


Class of 2014:

Dana Lautenschleger:  University of Mount Union

Samantha Lisy: Indiana University

Patrick Tippen: Cleveland State University

Anna Wong: Carnegie Mellon University


Class of 2013:

Ryan Carson: Kenyon College

Mark Lippert: Stevens Institute of Technology

Sarah Kouchecki: University of North Carolina

Lauren Steele:  Ohio University


Class of 2012:

Nick Gill:  Washington and Jefferson University

Kelsey McRill:  Alfred University

Erin Finnerty: University of Rochester

Alex Polishchuck: The Ohio State University


Class of 2011:

Annie Marquiss: Miami University (OH)

Jamie Gallagher: Georgetown University

Katherine Mitchell: Wheaton College

Katie Wilczewski: John Carroll University

Sydney Spiro: Oberlin College

Tristan Wagner: Monroe Community College

Taylor Pearl: Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Class of 2010:

Ryan Astalos: Hiram College

Melissa Besman: Bucknell University

Kari Koeberle: Allegheny College

Heather Moore: Notre Dame College

Emily Schwartz: University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Terrence Wong: Carnegie Mellon University


Class of 2009:

Alex Cohara: Cleveland State University

Gretchen Hestley: Cleveland State University

James Hrivnak: Cleveland State University

Ian Stewart-Bates: Kenyon College


Class of 2008:

Kyle McMahon: Ohio Northern University

Brendan Melling: Miami University (OH)

Blake Pinchot: John Carroll University

Alex Vershchagin: John Carroll University

Alisa Vershchagin: Kenyon College

Matt Wong: College of Wooster


Class of 2007:

Peter Fellows - Princeton University

Margaret Eppright: Miami University (OH)

Chris Marquiss: Case Western Reserve University 

Corey Spiro: Oberlin College 

Marta Stewart-Bates: Kenyon College


Class of 2006:

Kelly McMahon: University of Mount Union

David Perchinske: John Carroll University

Sarah Ratica: The Ohio State University

Tony Russo: John Carroll University


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