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How do I know if practice has been cancelled?
Notifications of practice changes will be sent out via e-mail. Contact Kevin Harrod  with further questions.


What if my swimmer is going to miss practice?
If you know your swimmer will be missing practice ahead of time, let your coach know.   




How do I sign up to fulfill my volunteer hours?
Our home meets are run with volunteer help, and every family is required to
fulfill at least a ½ day session per meet (usually about 4 hours).  There are
also many other volunteer opportunities available throughout the year.  Contact
the volunteer coordinator, Karen Solonche to get





Who signs my swimmer up for meets?  
Parents are responsible for signing up their swimmers and determining their events.  If you are unsure, ask your coach.  Coaches will sign up swimmers for the relays, so always check with the coach before leaving a meet.



What age group do I enter my swimmer in a swim meet?
Swimmers should swim in the age group they will be in on the first day of the meet.


What is a Clerk of Course?
The person responsible for placing swimmers in the correct heat and lane at a swim meet.  They are available at some meets, especially those for young swimmers.


What is a positive check in?
At some meets, swimmers are required to sign in for certain individual events that are posted.  If they do not, they may be scratched from those events.


What if my swimmer is sick the morning of the meet?
Notify the head coach Kevin Harrod.

What is a “B” time?
A nationally recognized level of achievement based on time.  As swimmers get faster, they can achieve “BB”, “A”, “AA”,”AAA”, and “AAAA”. 


What is the difference between short course and long course?
In short course, training and competing are held in a 25 yard pool and lasts throughout the fall, winter, and early spring. In long course, training is held in 25 yard and 50 meter pools, but competing takes place in a 50 meter pool.  Training starts shortly after short course and last throughout the summer.



I have a question or feedback for the Club, how do I contact someone?

Here is a link to the Stars contacts