Safe Sport


The TCAT Tigersharks are proud to adhere to USA Swimming Athlete Protection Policies.  For more information please click on a link below.

Code of Conduct

Safe Sport


Anti-Bullying Policy

TCAT Families,

With the start of a new season, the well-being of our athletes is the highest priority of the Twinsburg Competitive Aquatic Team (TCAT).  Head Coach Kirtis Huelsman and the TCAT Parent Board demand that our club provide a safe and fun swimming environment for athletes and families.   


The TCAT policies for athlete protection follow USA Swimming’s national standard.  In addition, key takeaways are the following:

  • The TCAT Tigersharks and USA Swimming require all coaches to submit to a full background and reference check, and attend an online athlete protection seminar generated by USA Swimming.  Both requirements must be completed as a condition of hire, and updated roughly every two years.


  • During practice and/or club-sanctioned events including travel meets, NEVER should a coach or parent be alone with a child that is not their own.  This protects the coach as well as the athlete. This policy should be common sense with any activity anywhere, but is top of mind with our team. 
    • Parents, you can help us here by being on time to pick up your swimmers after practice each night.  It is TCAT policy that swimmers have supervision while waiting for their rides.  Our coaches are more than happy to wait for you to arrive to pick your child, however it is not ideal.  Thanks for your help.
    • Also, it is helpful for coaches to get to know the parents of our swimmers.  Drop by the Twinsburg Fitness Center every so often and introduce yourselves to your child’s coach.


  • Our coaches are not permitted to be linked or “friends” through social media with current TCAT athletes. 


  • If you witness and / or are concerned about a situation with our club, you should:
    1. First, contact TCAT Head Coach Kirtis Huelsman or Board Members.
    2. You may also contact Twinsburg Fitness Center facility management.
    3. If you are not comfortable doing any of the above, contact the police.


  • Lastly, confidentiality is paramount to this process.  All reports, inquiries, and concerns will be kept confidential and shared only with proper authorities. 

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact TCAT administration.