Practice Info

     Practice Information    



Swim Practice: Attendance and Arrival time

  • All swimmers should arrive a few minutes before the start of their assigned practice time. At the start of practice all swimmers are required to stretch and perform some dry land (push ups and sit ups). Stretching is an important part of our workout and should not be skipped.  This helps prevents muscle cramps and injuries.

  • Missing practice: It is up to the parent to decide if a swimmer will attend practice or not. Attendance is not mandatory but is strongly suggested.  You do not need to call or email anyone if you cannot make practice.

  • Practice on Swim Meet days:  We will have normal practice schedules on days of the meets. 


Communication with the coaches:

  • Please allow the coaches to focus on the swimmers while they are in the water, especially during practice.  Any questions or concerns can be addressed before or after practice.

  • Email is the most efficient way to contact the coaches with any schedule changes, questions or concerns.


Swimming Equipment and Materials:

  • It is highly recommended that each swimmer have a practice suit and a meet suit. The meet suit should only be worn during the swim meets. This will help prevent wear and tear on the team suits.

  • For females: we ask that each swimmer has their hair tied back or wears a swim cap to keep hair out of their face.

  • Goggles are required and are only to cover the eyes; scuba goggles or any goggles that cover the nose are not allowed.

  • Each swimmer must have a towel for every practice.

  • Please dress in layers to practice; at times the mornings can be chilly.

  • It is a good idea to put your name on all towels, caps, goggles, and clothing. 

Paperless Communication:

  • This summer we will be communicating with parents/guardians primarily through the team website & through our TCAT Tigershark Facebook page. 

  • The website contain a ton of useful information, including: meet schedule, meet registrations, volunteer sign ups,  meet FAQs, team apparel forms, emergency medical information, etc.

    • The website is linked to an app called OnDeck which will allow easy access to team news & your swimmers information (best times, upcoming meets, etc.)

  • We will be posting reminders on Facebook about registering for swim meets about 3 days before the deadline. Look for posts that begin with SUMMER REC TEAM because this page is also used for the TCAT USA swim team.

File Folders:

  • Each swimmer/family will have an individual folder.  This is another form of communication.  Please check your folder everyday.  These folders contain meet ribbons, POP your Best Time suckers and team picture forms.  The coaches also have a folder.