Meet FAQs

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Meet FAQs

What is the “Lollipop Meet”?

This is our time trial and practice meet on Tuesday June 14th.  This helps give the swimmers an idea of how a meet is run and what will be expected of them.  Also this will give the coaches and swimmers a base time that will be used for placing the swimmer in events for upcoming meets.

What time do we have to be at the meet?

Warm ups begin at 6pm. The swimmer is to be at the pool no later than 5:45pm. This is when we will begin stretching. The swimmers are expected to know their event’s heat and lane, and be ready to stretch at this time. This rule applies to home and away meets.

If we cannot make a meet that we have signed up for, what should we do?

If you have a conflict and can no longer attend a meet, please send an email to [email protected] or leave a note in the coach’s folder with the date(s) that need to be changed. 

If an emergency arises the day of the meet, email Coach Colleen at [email protected]

What if my plans have changed and would like to attend a meet that I did not sign up for?

If the registration due date has past, we will not accept late registrations.  Swimmers need to be signed up for swim meets a week before the meet or sooner.

How long should I expect a meet to last?

A meet usually takes 3 hours or less.  It is required that your child stays until the very end of every meet, Home or Away.  At the end of each meet, we conduct a team cheer which shows sportsmanship and teamwork.

Do I have to work during our meets?

Every TCAT Tigershark family is required to volunteer for at least 2 swim meets during the summer.  You will need to sign up for a volunteer position online when you sign your swimmer up for the meet.  We will need volunteers for the all meets including the lollipop meet (during morning practice).  Without your help, the meets are impossible to run. Thank you!!

Does my child have to swim in every meet?  

No. The TCAT Tigersharks do not expect all swimmers to go to every meet. It is however encouraged that a swimmer competes as much as possible during the meets.  Remember, we are working with the swimmers this summer on knowing, remembering and improving their times.

What events will my child be swimming in?

Your child’s coach will use previous times, along with observation from practice to put the swimmers in the events for the meet.  The coaches will try to have each swimmer participate in every stroke, at some point during the summer.  Please be aware that the number of swimmers in your child’s age group will affect the number of races per meet.  The league we are in only allows the swimmers to be in 3 individual races and 1 relay, or 2 individual races and 2 relays.

Is there food at the meet?

Most teams have a concession stand. However, the type of food provided is not usually good to eat at a swim meet. We recommend that the swimmers have a healthy meal before the meet and wait until after the meet to eat. As a reminder, there is no food allowed on the pool deck.

Is there seating at meets?

Most places provide seating which is very limited. We recommend that you bring lawn chairs to both home and away meets.

When will my child receive ribbons from the meet?

For home swim meets the swimmers will receive a ribbon for each race they participate in, even relays.  Every away meet is different, so check with the coaches.

What are Chagrin Relays?

This is an all day event that consists of a variety of relays. More information will be given out with in the first few weeks of practice.  Once you have signed up for this meet you are required to attend. There cannot be any changes made after June 29th.  There is a small fee required for this meet.