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Spring/Summer 2020 (LCM) April 6 - August 7

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Additional Fees

  • USA Swimming Fee: All Swimmers must register with USA Swimming through our registration tool at a cost of $70 per season. Swimmers new to CE Aquatics may attend practices for up to one week before registering. However, the parent MUST remain at the practice location for all practices until the swimmer has been registered. You will also not receive important team communications or be able to enter for meets until registration has been completed. All returning swimmers must complete their registration before attending practice.
  • Meet Entry Fees: Typically meet events are $3-$5 per event, and a swimmer would swim 2-4 events per day. Swimmers usually swim a meet or two each month. All meet entries are completed by the swimmer's family through an online entry form which requires entering a credit card at the time of entry. There is a $2 CE Aquatics surcharge for all meets entered.
  • Equipment: Though not required, a team suit and cap are recommended. All swimmers new to CE Aquatics will receive one free team cap. Each subsequent cap costs $5 for latex, $20 for silicon. Team suits are not required but are available through our equipment supplier. Additionally, items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, pants, etc. are available for purchase through the team.

Spring/Summer Season Cancellation Policy

CEA runs one training plan and competes in one competition season spanning April - July. We expect swimmers to commit to the program for the duration of the season. This includes meeting recommended practice guidelines, competing regularly at meets throughout the season, and participating in each day of your respective championship meet. For this reason, there is NO cancellation payments mid-season for any reason. 

Transfers from another USA Swimming Club

If you are Transferring from another USA team, you will need to send in a transfer form to our district registrar in addition to our online registration process. Print and complete the transfer form (link below). Note that out LSC code is LE, and our club code is CEA. Once completed mail the transfer form to the Lake Erie Swimming Registrar:

 Pam Cook

301 Rockledge Dr.

Bay Village, OH 44140

Link to the Tranfer Form

Payments and Authorization Policy

  1. Swimmers who try out for the team and then join owe dues starting the first day of tryouts.
  2. Swimmers who change groups will be charged or refunded the difference.
  3. Swimmers leaving the team must notify the registrar in writing. Paid team practice fees can be refunded within 10 days of purchase, less a 10% processing fee. Meet fees, USA Swimming, LESI Fees, and CEA Registration fees will not be refunded.
  4. There is NO cancellation of monthly payments for any reason.
  5. Families are responsible for all meet entry fees once the entry has been submitted to the team, regardless of whether the swimmer actually attends the meet.
  6. The family of each swimmer is responsible for paying LESI meet fines incurred. Examples of fines include: scratching at a Championship Meets or swimming slower than the time standard required to enter an event. Additionally, the fined swimmer will pay a $2.00 surcharge to CE Aquatics. For more questions about fines please speak with Coach Charlie.
  7. Payment reminders are emailed to each family on a monthly basis when applicable. It is the family's responsibility to have a current email address on file with the registrar.
  8. Failure to pay your account balance when due can result in the swimmer not begin permitted to enter meets and/or practice until the balance has been paid.
  9. If you are unable or unwilling to process your registration online using credit card, please contact the registrar to process registration over the phone and pay by check - $5 charge.