Level 4 High School

Level 4: High School

The High School level is for 9th graders and above.  It is our most advanced age group program.  Emphasis is on preparation through high-level training and competitions.  Swimmers at this level will be preparing for the highest levels of age group swimming and beyond.  Skill training is still important and still incorporated into training sets.  Commitment and self-motivation are very important.  Good practice attendance is expected.  

Meets - Participation in at least 1 meet/month is strongly recommended, as well as participation in VSC's Candy Cane Meet and the Championship Meet.

Practice - 2 hours Monday - Friday during all sessions.

Summer Afternoon Practice*Levels 4, 5, and 6 (3 days per week for 6 weeks)

Generally, used as a "double" practice for motivated swimmers who want to take their talent and work skill to the next level.  They will start to understand the dedication, commitment, and hard work it takes to get there.  An equal emphasis on conditioning and fundamentals offers the determined swimmer an excellent opportunity to improve rapidly.  Meet attendance and good practice attendance is expected.  

*Required for Sectional & National Team swimmers  

*Additional fee applied