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Referees Roundtable

 Handouts and Discussion Points

Starters Clinic  

Slide Presentation adapted from USA Swimming Website

Chief Judge

The Chief Judge  CJ for the Local Meet

Administration Official

 New Admin Official Training Slides

Stroke and Turn

This will include classroom instruction followed by on deck training with athletes in the water.

S&T Slide Deck


Advancement - If you've been an Official for more than a year, consider stepping up to a higher position. Be sure that before you start training for a higher position, that you first contact Kathy McFaden, Officials Chair, to make sure a move is right for you, and to have a discussion about the next phase of your Officiating career, and to plan the best strategy for your training.  Note: attendance at least one AMS Officials Clinic every 18 months is a requirement for ongoing certification as an AMS Official.