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BOD Meeting Calendar and Minutes

Next ISI Board Meeting :

Sunday, August 26, 2018  2:00 PM
Cedar Falls Recreation Center - Teleconference will not be offered
110 E. 13th Street
Cedar Falls, IA 50613

May 2018 Income Statement   May 2018 Income Statement - Prior Year Comp  May 2018 Balance Sheet

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June 3, 2018 6/3/2018

April Registration Report     April Meet Numbers     
April Registration Coordinator Activity Report   
April Time Coordinator Activity Report
ISI Monthly Registration Report May 2018

April 2018 Income Statement  
April 2018 Income Statement - Prior Year  
April 2018 Balance Sheet


Special Executive Committee of Board of Directors Meeting 4/25/18 Proposed Budget as of 4/23/18    

Special Board Meeting
Budget Discussion Only

April 22, 2018

4/22/18 Five year comparison of spending with current and proposed budgets

March 2018 Income Statement 
March 2018 Income Statement - Prior Year
March 2018 Balance Sheet

Special Board Meeting

Budget Discussion Only

March 25, 2018

3/25/18 Registration Report Feb 28 2018 Income Statement (Feb)
Income Statement prior year (Feb)
Balance Sheet (Feb)
March 4, 2018 3/4/18

2/4/2018 Budget Committee Meeting
Proposed Standing Committee
Swimposium Budget Draft 2
Registration & Membership Offce Activity Report
Monthly Registration Report
Times Coordinator Report

1/31/2018 Balance Sheet
1/31/2018 Income Statement
1/31/2018 Income Statement PY

January 28, 2018 1/28/18

Membership and Registration Chair - Activities Report
Membership and Registration Chair - Membership Report
Times Coordinator Report
Swimposium Report   AGVC report from Midwest All Stars meet  All Stars Budget wrap up 
LSC Hosted meets Proposal and report   TPC Committee Mtg Report    ISI Champs Standing Committee Mtg Report   
TPC and Champs Committee notes and proposals  Proposed Sec P - ISI Communications Policy   


Income Statement (Dec) Prior year comp (Dec)  Balance Sheet (Dec)
December 12, 2017 12/12/2017 Technical Planning Committee  Admin Vice Chair Report  Swimposium Committee Members
Personal Committee meeting notes    Proposal to update Employee Handbook
Proposal from Official's Committee for updated Coach Sign In

Income Statement (Oct)        Prior Year Comp (Oct)       Balance Sheet (Oct)

Income Statement (Nov)    Prior Year Comp  (Nov)   

Balance Sheet (Nov)

October 22 2017 10.22.17 ADVC Report
2018 Swimposium Committee    Proposed ISI Board Policy-Fines assesed for non-credentialed coaches on deck
Income Statement 
     Prior Year Comp     
Balance Sheet
August 27 2017 8.27.17 Updated 2017 Budget
ISI Travel Policy Proposal
Income Statement
Prior Year Comp
Balance Sheet
June 29 2017 6.29.17

Proposal B.Kelly

Income Statement
May 16 2017 5.16.17 Admin VC Report
ISI Registration Employee Job Description
ISI Times Officer Employee Job Description
Update to ISI Employee Handbook

Income Statement
March 26 2017   3.26.17 Admin VC Report
Midwest All Stars Head Coach report
Midwest All Stars AGVC report

2017 ISI Short Course Age Group Championship Report to the General Chair

Budget 2017
January 29 2017 1.29.17

Admin VC Report CAO
2017/2018 Meet Bid Calendar
Employee Handbook

April HOD and Banquet Proposals PDF      Excel

January 12 2017 TPC 01.12.17  TPC
updated 1.30.17
Proposed Order of Events-Silver Championships      
Order of Events-Championships
December 19 2016 12.19.16    
December 4 2016  12.4.16

Employee Handbook Employee Job Descriptions 
2017/2018 Meet Bid Calendar
Regional Site Recommendations
TPC mtg notes

Summer 2017 Regional Sites 

September 18 2016 9.18.16    
July 27th, 2016 7.27.16 (conditionally approved)    
January 25 2016 1.25.16 AGVC All Stars Report 2016  
December 15 2015 12.15.15    
September 13 2015   9.13.15    
May 29 2015 5.29.15    
March 29 2015 3.29.15    
December 17 2014 12.17.14 Open Competition Bid Procedure
Special Newsletter Re:  Meet Referee
Sanctioning Procedure for Observation of High School Meets - Non-Championship
Income Statement
September 29 2014 9.29.14    
May 19 2014 5.19.14    
April 21 2014 4.21.14 Facility Use Request 2014 Long Course Championships
Official's Committee Nominations
Income Statement