College Swimmers

Team Greenville

Returning College Swimmer Fees


There are three primary financial components that you must cover with two different payments:1) USA Swim Registration-payable to the Booster Club; and 2) Dues;  3) Facility Membership-payable to Greenville Rec.       



1.      USA Swim Registration (payable to TG Booster Club via check or cash)

Two Options:

·         $38.50 for Seasonal USAS Swimming membership (can compete up to and including State level)

·         $86.00 for Full USA Swimming membership (If swimming at Orlando Senior Meet after State)

2.       Dues for Summer (payable to Greenville Rec via check or cash, or credit card)

·         $320.00


3.      Facility Membership for Summer (payable to Greenville Rec via check, cash or credit card)

·         $50.00 In-County

·         $60.00 Out-of-County


(Please note that 2 and 3 above can be done as a single payment, do not combine all three)



Swim Meet Participation

If you intend to swim in any meets you must be signed up for auto-pay via the TG website to cover those fees.  You can use a credit card or debit card.


Questions?  Contact Karole Brown.  864-679-7946