Here you can place an order on-line with the Lakers' apparel/equipment partners. 


How do I place an order for my swimmers team suit and/or cap?
At the beginning of the short course a mass order will be placed, you will receive details when you register your swimmer  If you are in need of a suit/cap after October please contact any board member for details.

What Type of practice suit should I purchase for my swimmer?

It is recommended that a high endurance suit is purchased, due to the number of hours in the pool a traditional swim suit will wear out quickly.

How do I know if my swimmer is wearing the right size suit?
The tighter the better!  The fewer wrinkles or extra material the faster the swimmer.

Is it mandatory that I purchase a Lakers team suit?
No, it is not mandatory - however it is highly recommended.  Representing the club as a unified team at a meet is something that we strive for and are proud of.

Should I use special detergent to wash the practice/meet suit?
It is highly recommended that you rinse the suit out after each practice in cold water.  Following manufacturers instructions.

Is a silicone or Latex cap preferred?
This is really a swimmers choice.  Typically girls with a lot of hair like the silicone style because it is easier to stretch.

Does my swimmer need to wear a cap?
Again, this is not mandatory, however it is highly recommended at meets.

Where can I buy reasonably priced swim attire, goggles, etc?
Many parents on the team like to shop for great deals!  They are also a swim partner and donate 10% of purchases back to the Lakers.

What are the best type of goggles?
There is no correct answer.  It is a personal preference, the biggest determining factor lies within the material touching the eye sockets.  Some swimmers prefer silicon, others prefer foam, and still others prefer the goggles that have the plastic directly against their skin. The coaches suggest that you purchase goggles that feel most comfortable on your face while you swim.

My swimmer wears glasses, can I purchase prescription goggles?
Absolutely!  In fact, swimmers who have them notice a huge difference in their performance.  Most local swim stores have them in stock, or are a great place to purchase.

Does my swimmer require any additional training gear?
It is recommended that all swimmers purchase some training aids.  The coaches recommend that everyone purchase a mesh bag to carry their equipment to and from the pool.  The following is also a list of equipment suggested:
 - racing practice suit
 - swim cap
 - goggles
 - snorkel 

 - fins
 - kickboard
  - pull buoy (JR/SR groups)
 - paddles (JR/SR groups)