Time Standards

Blank Excel File For Tracking Your SWIMMER (updated 2/11/12)


Meters to Yards Time Converstion 

Michigan Swimming has published time standards for each event. This identifies each swimmer’s level of expertise. The time standards, or “cut offs,” are used so that the beginner swimmers swim against a beginner swimmer and the advanced swimmer competes against an advanced swimmer.  At most swim meets, the host team decides if there will be a time standard for the meet and what it will be. 

The basic time standards for MI swimming are B, A, Q2 and Q1. If the swimmer does not achieve the minimum time set for a B time they are considered to have a C time. At any given time, an individual swimmer can have certain events that are B times, Q1 times and C times. Each event is treated individually. Therefore, a swimmer could attend a BC meet and swim the events that they are weaker in and also attend an AB meet and compete in their stronger events. Q2 and Q1 time standards are directly related to the end of season championship meet progression set in Michigan. A Q2 will qualify a swimmer to attend Junior Olympics held in March and a Q1 time will qualify that swimmer to compete at the State Championships in March for their age group in that event. Many of the meets that we attend throughout the season are designated as ABC Meets where swimmers can swim anything. 

Copies of the time standards are available on the MI swimming website at