Locker Rm Etiquette

As mentioned in the budget, the Lakers actually pay a rental fee for the pools. The rental of pool time is a privilege. The schools and communities allow us to rent their facilities so that we can fulfill the mission of our swim team and meet the needs of our members. We must treat the facilities and staff there with the utmost respect. Therefore it is our responsibility to ensure that the locker rooms are left in the same condition that they were found so that a cleaning fee is not assessed. Please ensure that your swimmers are aware of the rules, and from time to time please assist the board members with walk-through locker room checks as it is everyone’s responsibility. Board members are NOT assigned to monitor the locker rooms for conduct, therefore it is appreciated when parents rotate through the locker rooms to ensure that all swimmers are aware of an adult presence.


In the past there have been times where board members have had to wait 30 minutes after practice before they could leave due to stragglers. The goal is to have all swimmers in and out of the locker rooms in 15 minutes so that everyone can leave the facility timely.