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SOAC Registration Packet

Southern Oaks Athletic Club is a proud satellite of Tiger Aquatics Swim Club, LLC in Baton Rouge, La. The addition of USA Swimming in the Shenandoah area greatly benefits those who wish to take their swimming to the next level.  The swimmers will train at Southern Oaks Athletic Club.

This program is designed for swimmers who wish to build their level of swimming skill and knowledge. The athletes will focus heavily on the basic four stroke techniques, dryland, and ultimately growing a strong aerobic base. There will also be a great amount of focus on training to compete, goal setting, and actively becoming a part of our competitive team. Athletes are HIGHLY encouraged to participate in ALL meets listed on the Tiger Aquatics website throughout the year.


Practice Groups and Times:

Tigers SO (10 & Older) 

At this level, aerobic training is introduced through longer distance freestyle and IM based sets. There will be a focus on maintaining & developing proper technique, developing long term vs. short term goal setting techniques.  Goals such as qualifying times and a higher level of competitiveness. A seasonal training mentality will be introduced which will prepare athletes to succeed through all levels of swimming.  Basic dryland training is introduced for this group as well. Dryland will be performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Equipment needed: kick board, pull buoy, paddles, fins, and snorkel

Cost: $125 annual registration; plus group rate. See rates listed below for member or non soac member.


Cubs SO (9 & under) 

This group is the developmental group where we focus on the four competitive strokes and developing the attitude, cardio, and technique in order to be in the Shark group. This groups will also be introduced to drylands.

Equipment needed: kick board, fins, and jr snorkel

Cost: $125 annual registration, plus group rate. See rates listed below for member or non soac member


Full Play/Green Trails/SOAC Members:

  • Tigers: $90/month

  • Cubs: $75/month


  • Tigers: $110/month

  • Cubs: $95/month

More information can be found on our swimtopia site here: