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PARDS of Denham Springs is a proud satellite of Tiger Aquatics Swim Club, LLC in Baton Rouge, La. The addition of USA Swimming at PARDS greatly benefits those who wish to take their swimming to the next level for both members and non-members. 


Groups & Practice Times:


This group is designed for swimmers ages 5 and older.  The emphasis of this group is to gain better technique of all four strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly, as well as proper starts and turns.  Other emphasis will be placed on kicking, streamline, proper body position in the water, but most of all having FUN! 

Equipment Needed: fins & snorkel

Cost per Month: $50/$65 (member/non-member), plus $125 yearly registration/ $50 one time meet escrow fee




This group is designed for the more competitive 10 & Under athlete. Cubs will continue to work on technique of ALL four strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, & butterfly. A focus will be set on IM, underwater kicking, racing, attendance, & clock reading. Cubs will also learn how to do and complete a set during a workout. 

Equipment Needed: fins & snorkel

Cost per Month:  $60/$75 (member/non-member), plus $125 yearly registration/ $50 one time meet escrow fee




This group is the 3rd level of competitive training for athletes ages 9-13.  At this level, aerobic training is introduced through longer distance freestyle and IM based sets. There will be a focus on maintaining & developing proper technique, developing long term vs. short term goal setting techniques.  Goals such as qualifying times and a higher level of competitiveness. A seasonal training mentality will be introduced which will prepare athletes to succeed through all levels of swimming.  Basic dryland training is introduced for this group as well. 

Equipment NeededPaddles, pull bouy, fins, snorkel, mesh bag

Cost per Month:  $70/$85 (member/non-member), plus $125 yearly registration/$50 one time meet escrow fee




This group is the 4th group level offered at PARDS. This group is for 13 & over athletes wanting to improve and compete at the highest level possible. The training will consist of technique work, continuing to build aerobic capacity sets, test sets and extensive dryland. The Senior I group will also focus on seasonal goal setting, proper nutrition and becoming an all around better swimmer. 

Equipment Needed: Paddles, pull bouy, fins, snorkel, mesh bag

Cost per Month:  $75/$90 (member/non-member), plus $125 yearly registration/$50 one time meet escrow fee


If you are interested in joining and would like to schedule a tryout please contact Coach Margot ( Any billing or payment questions to Lyndi Geyer (


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