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2017 - 2018 Winter League

2017- 2018 Season's Board Members
President: Robin Taylor (BGH)
Vice President: Alicia Fimple (JCCS)
Secretary: Kristin Talbot (BCY)
Members: Only one vote per team.

  • BCY: Jen Hacking and Kristin Talbot
  • BGH: Robin Taylor, Sari Carroll, and Karen Bown
  • CMW: Besty Barry and Bill Zackey
  • GCY: Marilyn Brahms and Kristina Reddell
  • JCCS: Alicia Fimple-Paccione
  • KATZ: Allison Delany and Jared Kaufman
  • MAR: Melinda Battistelli and Mitch Friedel
  • MM: Andrea Schiller, Dawn Deluca, and Toni Lagona
  • VINY: Jennifer Helm, Michael Grabowy, Jordan Hess, and Juli Zavis

Contact List (PDF) & Rosters

The current GSJSL contact list can be found here. Last updated 11/20/17 @ 6:51 PM.

Please review the contact information and send updates to Web Master.

The Preliminary, Final, and Frozen rosters for each team are here. Remember that each Team is responsible for sending their rosters to the League President and Web Master. All rosters should be in PDF format, or sent via Word or Excel and the Web Master will convert to PDF.

Preliminary (November 1) Here Here   Here Here Here Here    
Final (December 1)   Here Here Here Here Here   Here  
Frozen (December 31st)   Here              

Meet Manager Database

The current GSJSL Meet Manager Database has been broken down in the table below. These files have been zipped for uploading purposes; you'll need to unzip them with an application such as WinZip. Each host team will need to modify the database and send out the events file.

* All Meet Manager databases have been posted. If you find any mistakes or have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Last updated 10/08/17 @ 10:00 PM.

Here's the down and dirty about these Meet Manager Databases: 1st you have to download the zip file. If you try to download individual files within the zip it won't work. Download the zip file please. 2nd, unzip the file so you have the .mdb file and save it wherever you would like. 3rd, open Meet Manager, select File then Open and find the .mdb file. Then save it as whatever name you want. If you have questions after doing this please reach out to me. 

In addition, the open event are not a part of the individual limit and are not a part of scoring/awards. If you want to enter your athlete in an open event that takes them over the 3 individual limit override it when entering your athlete through TU. They will show on the exception report but as long as it is for an OPEN event you are fine. 

Meet Manager DB SCY - 4 Lanes SCY - 6 Lanes SCY - 8 Lanes SCM - 6 Lanes
All Ages w/ OPEN Events MM DB MM DB MM DB MM DB
All Ages w/o OPEN Events MM DB MM DB MM DB MM DB
14 & Under w/ OPEN Events MM DB MM DB MM DB MM DB
14 & Under w/o OPEN Events MM DB MM DB MM DB MM DB
12 & Under w/ OPEN Events MM DB MM DB MM DB MM DB
12 & Under w/o OPEN Events MM DB MM DB MM DB MM DB

Swim Meet Schedule

The current Swim Meet Schedule is listed here with the results (either pdf or zip) attached to the date the meet was held. Chart reading example: BGH @ CMW on 10/14/17 with a warmup at 12 PM and a start time of 1 PM. Remember when you send the results to the visiting team please CC so the results can be posted here as well. A total of 24 meets have been scheduled for our current season. If a team cancels, adds, or changes a meet please let the Web Master know ASAP. Last updated 01/30/18 @ 7:00 AM.

Date Teams Times Events Results Scores
10/14/17 BGH @ CMW WU: 1 PM
S: 2 PM
12 & Under w/o OPEN Results ZIP and Results/Scores PDF BGH: 273
CMW: 125
11/05/17 KATZ @ BGH WU: 1 PM
S: 2 PM
ALL Ages w/ OPEN; Meet Program; Meet Mobile Results ZIP and Results/Scores  PDF BGH: 375
KATZ: 230
11/11/17 BCY/JCCS @ VINY WU: 12:15 PM (Three 20 Min Warmups)
S: 1:30 PM
All Ages w/OPEN Scores PDF, Results PDF, MM Backup ZIP VINY: 408 BCY: 97
VINY: 391 JCCS: 86
BCY: 213 JCCS: 155
11/11/17 CMW @ GCY   All Ages w/o Open; Program Scores PDF, Results PDF, Results ZIP CMW: 230
GCY: 204
11/18/17 MM @ MAR WU: 12 PM MAR; 12:30 PM MM
S: 1 PM
  Results PDF and ZIP MM: 287
MAR: 238
11/19/17 GGG WU: 8 AM
S: 9 AM
All Ages; See See http://usasmeetdirector/results ECCC
12/02/17 BCY @ MAR WU: 12 PM MAR; 12:30 PM BCY
S: 1 PM
  Results PDF and ZIP MAR: 364
BCY: 85
12/02/17 VINY @ GCY   All Ages w 500 Free Scores PDF, Results PDF, Results ZIP VINY: 447
GCY: 136
12/02/17 CMW @ MM WU: 10 AM
S: 11 AM
All Ages w/ OPEN Scores PDF; Results PDF and ZIP MM: 469
CMW: 147
12/03/17 KATZ @ JCCS WU: 12 PM
S: 1 PM
  Scores PDF, Results PDF, Results ZIP JCCS: 280
KATZ: 253
12/09/17 GCY @ BCY     Results PDF, Results ZIP  
12/09/17 KATZ @ CMW WU: 12 PM
S: 1 PM
12/10/17 VINY @ KATZ WU: 1 PM
S: 2 PM
All ages w/o OPEN Scores PDF, Results PDF VINY: 364
KATZ: 243
12/16/17 JCCS @ CMW WU: 12 PM
S: 1 PM
  Scores PDF, Results PDF, Results ZIP JCCS: 283
CMW: 169
12/16/17 GCY @ VINY     Scores PDF, Results PDF, Results ZIP VINY: 250
GCY: 134
12/16/17 BGH @ MM WU: 10 AM MM; 10:30 AM BGH
S: 11 AM
All Ages w/OPEN Results/Scores PDF, Results ZIP MM: 206
BGH: 108
12/30/17 BGH @ GCY WU: 1 PM
S: 2 PM
All Ages w/ OPEN Scores PDF; Results ZIP BGH: 299
GCY: 70
01/06/18 MM @ JCCS WU: 12 PM
S: 1 PM
01/06/18 Dog Tag     Results PDF and ZIP UNKNOWN
01/13/18 GCY @ JCCS WU: 12 PM
S: 1 PM
  Scores PDF, Results PDF and ZIP JCCS: 272
GCY: 205
01/13/18 CMW @ MAR WU: 12 PM MAR; 12:30 PM CMW
S: 1 PM
  Results PDF and ZIP MAR: 336
CMW: 172
01/14/18 MM @ KATZ WU: 1 PM
S: 2 PM
  Scores PDF, Results PDF and ZIP MM: 444.50
KATZ: 206.50
01/20/18 CMW @ BCY     Results PDF and ZIP; Scores PDF BCY: 188
CMW: 137
01/20/18 KATZ @ GCY     Results PDF and ZIP; Scores PDF KATZ: 276
GCY: 202
01/20/18 JCCS @ MAR WU: 12 PM MAR; 12:30 PM JCCS
S: 1 PM
  Results PDF, Results ZIP, Scores PDF MAR: 347.50
JCCS: 144.50
01/20/18 MM @ VINY WU: 1 PM
S: 2 PM
  Results PDF and ZIP  


  • 2017 - 2018 Bylaws can be found here (tracked changes) and here (changes accepted) per the 10/04/17 Pre-Season Meeting. As provided prior to the 09/08/17 Early Pre-Season League Meeting; here. Post Season meeting changes 03/21/18; here.
  • 2016 - 2017 Bylaws; there were no changes to the bylaws as the 2015 - 2016 bylaws were used this year.
  • 2015 - 2016 Bylaws can be found here.
  • 2014 - 2015 Bylaws can be found here.

Meeting Minutes

  • 09/07/17: Early Season Meeting - can be found here. Posted 09/13/17
  • 10/04/17: Pre-Season Meeting; here. Posted MM/DD/YY
  • 03/21/18: Post Season Meeting Minutes; here. Agenda with voting/confirmation from each team; here. Posted 03/22/18.

Record Board

Prior to the 2015 - 2016 Season the Winter Championship Record Board has been in YARDS. Starting in the 2015 - 2016 the Winter Championship record board has switched to the Atlantic City High School which is a 25 meter pool. The GSJSL Meter Records are kept posted on BGH's website all year long.

The 2017 -2018 GSJSL Championship Records have been updated on our record board as of 01/29/18 @ 12 PM.

The "Team Wins/Losses" table shows the Team, number of meets swam, how many wins and losses, and their winning %. This table is for Dual and Tri meets only! It does not include Championships or invitational meets such as GGG or Dog Tag. Last Updated: 01/30/18 @ 7:00 AM.

Team Wins/Losses

Team Logo # of Meets Win Loss Winning %
Example   5 4 1 80%
BCY   4 2 2 50%
BGH 4 3 1 75%
CMW 6 1 5 17%
GCY 5 0 5 0%
JCCS 6 3 3 50%
KATZ 5 1 4 20%
MAR   4 3 1 75%
MM 4 4 0 100%
VINY 5 5 0 100%

11/19/17 - Go Gobble Gobble (GGG) Invite & Food Drive

Meet Announcement: here

Events file: here

Officials/Volunteer Signups: here

All additional information and results can be found on; all pertinent information can be found here.


  • For the Pumpkin Roll Relays these are no scoring events. We want the kids to have fun. Put your 9 - 12 girls together, your 9 - 12 boys, etc. Any age athlete within this group or a swimup if you need one can be done.

TBD - GSJSL Makeup Meet

Meet Announcement: here

Events file: here

Officials/Volunteer Signups: here

Warmups/Team Assignments: here

All additional information can be found on

01/28/18 - GSJSL Winter Championships

11/19/17: The Championship meet has been moved to Sunday, January 28, 2018.

11/09/17 Email Correspondence: It has been brought to my attention that the SJISA Coaches Invitational is scheduled for Saturday, January 27, 2018; which is the same day as our league winter championship meet. With all the planning and preparation trying to make sure we don't interfere with MA, NJ, and YMCA championships I overlooked High School Swimming!

We have two choices with this situation.
Choice 1: Have championships on the same day allowing the high school athletes to make the decision of which meet to attend.
Choice 2: Move our championship meet to Sunday, January 28, 2018.

1           X      
2 X X X X X     X X


Location: Atlantic City High School, 1400 N. Albany Ave Atlantic City, NJ

This event is open for all GSJSL athletes that have competed in 2 or more GSJSL 2017 - 2018 Swim Meets.

Registration Deadline: January 7, 2018 at 7 PM. Middle Atlantic Recon must be submitted by January 12, 2018. If you have an athlete that will make their mandatory 2 meets after the deadline go ahead and register them for the meet. Please specify in your entries email that they have another meet to complete and the date they will complete it on.

12/12/17 Email from Middle Atlantic Swimming: Your application for approved status for the GSJSL 2017-18 Championships to be held on 01/28/18 at Atlantic City High School has been granted.  Your Approved number is MA 1823 AP.    Please make sure that only currently registered swimmers have ID numbers in your meet database This is very important and needs to be adhered to. You MUST provide a list of your USA swimmers in your entries email so that all other IDs can be removed from the database.

Entry Limit: 3 Individual Events, 2 Relays; OPEN events are NOT included in the entries limit; however, each athlete will be limited to 2 OPEN events where available. When submitting entries, an override to the entry limit will be available in order to add OPEN events. An exception report will be run to show if the athlete is over the limit. If necessary, due to timeline limits, the OPEN events will be limited to two heats of the top entry times. This will be at the Meet Director's discretion.

Cost: $5 per individual event, $12 per relay ($3 per swimmer)

The entry policy will be followed implicitly. All coaches need to provide all information listed. If something has been sent prior to the entry submission, such as the Team Insurance Certificate, please indicate on the email the date it was sent. By doing all of these items your entry submission will be expedited. 

Your Insurance Certificates need to be addressed to Atlantic City Board of Education 1300 Atlantic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401. Send them to Karen with your entries email.

Entries must be submitted electronically, via email, by the “Entries Deadline” in a format compatible with hy-tek “Meet Manager” software. The email must include YOUR TEAM NAME – MEET NAME in the subject line.  Include the following in your email:

  1. Team entries compatible with hy-tek “Meet Manager” software.
  2. Team entries by swimmer PDF.
  3. Team Contact Information and Summary Forms PDF (is found in the meet announcement; also provided as a separate PDF for your ease).
  4. List of USA Swimmers and their IDs. If your team doesn't have USA swimmers, please state that in your entry submission email.
  5. T-shirt or Hoodie Pre-Order Form(s) (These will only be accepted when submitted by the coach. Each order needs to come on the form provided). Individual submissions will not be accepted. 
  6. Team Insurance Certification to Atlantic City Board of Education (if not sent already; if sent early indicate the date it was sent).

The list of USA swimmers is 100% necessary in order to ensure your USAS athlete’s times are entered into the SWIMS database. 

Entry fees and T-shirt/Hoodie order payments are to come from the Coach and be mailed to Brigantine Green Heads 3118 Bayshore Ave Brigantine, NJ 08203 by the entry deadline. Please inform your treasurer or billing department of this rule. 

Please read the meet announcement carefully; contact the meet director if you have any questions at

Please see what is still needed from your team below, highlights in RED means it has not been received; anything GREEN has been received/fulfilled; anything in YELLOW needs additional attention:

Entries X X X X X X X X X
Swimmer's Entries PDF X X X X X X X X X
Team Contact/Summary PDF X X X X X X X X X
List of USA Swimmers 0 40 0 0 42 2 44 4 108
Tshirt/Hoodie Orders 18 43 6 2 12 22 1 6 16
Tshirt/Hoodie Payments X X X   X X X X X
Insurance Certificate to AC BOE   X X X X X X X X
List of Coaches X X X X X X X X X
1 - Lane Stager/Marshall (Session 2)   1   1   1     1
2 - Timers (Session 1)   2   1 N/A 1   2 1
2 - Timers (Session 2)   2 1 1 1 1   1 2
2 - Timers (Session 3) 1 2   2 1 2 1 1 2
1 - Parent Stager (Session 2)           1   3 1
1 - Parent Stager (Session 3)               1 1
S&T Officials (Session 1)   2   1         1
S&T Officials (Session 2)   1              
S&T Officials (Session 3)   1   1          
Entry confirmation & Fees report sent to team X X X X X X X X X
Athlete Recon Submitted to MA Swim N/A X N/A N/A X X X X X
Athlete Recon Received from MA Swim N/A X N/A N/A X X X X X
Athlete Recon info sent to Coaches N/A X-1 N/A N/A N/A X - 2 X - 4 X-4 X
Athlete Recon resolved N/A X N/A N/A N/A X X X X-15
Team Entry confirmation received X X X X X X X X X
Entries payment received X X
Deck Entries/Late Entries Payment received N/A N/A X X N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Preordered T-shirts and Hoodies Received X X X X X X X X X
Applicable refunds given with Awards X N/A N/A N/A N/A X N/A N/A N/A

*** All items checked off are as of 01/28/18 @ 10:00 PM.


PSYCH Sheets, Meet Mobile, Warm Up Schedule, Meet Programs, Results

Item Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Updates
Meet Announcement Here Session times are updated in Warmup Assignments!
Events Files Here  
Team Contact & Summary Form  (Fillable PDF) Here  
T-Shirt & Hoodie Order Form (Fillable PDF) Here  
Psych Sheet Here Here Here Updated 1/24/18
Warm Up, Timer, and Lane Stager Assignments Here  
Meet Program (without positive checkins) Here Here Here Updated 1/24/18
Timeline (prior to positive checkins) Here Here Here Updated  1/24/18
Relay Names / Change Form - Positive Checkin        
Deck Entry/Changes N/A N/A N/A  
Session Results - PDF Here Here Here Updated Session 3 01/29/18
Session Results - ZIP Here Updated 01/29/18
Overall Team Scores Here 1st: MM, 2nd: VINY, 3rd BGH
2018 GSJSL Champs Record Holders Here  

Last Updated: 01/29/18 @ 4:00 PM; also updated onto Meet Mobile!

Meet Mobile: Search on "GSJSL"; however the name of the meet is listed as GSJSL 2017-2018 Winter Champs". The date on the search page says "TBD"; however, once you click on it, it shows the correct date of 01/28/18.



All teams will be responsible to provida a Stroke & Turn official (YMCA, NJ, or  MA certified); timers, lane marshalls/lane stagers. We will be using for all team work assignments, other than BGH. All BGH signups will be done on our team website. All team work assignments need to be signed up for by January 12, 2018. All teams will be contacted around January 14, 2018 if slots are not filled. The earlier we know the volunteers the smoother the meet runs. Several teams requested that a parent be allowed on deck to help them stage their athletes (not behind the blocks). One volunteer slot per session has been added for each team for this. If a team needs more than one per session please contact the meet director with the number you need and the reason why.



All teams will be assigned seating on the pool deck; this information will be found in your coach's packet at the admin table and will be sent out with the warmup & assignments. It is very important that you inform your athletes where they are to be seated. Please ensure there is enough room for passers by to walk without obstruction. 

Food and drink are permitted on the deck, however, please make sure your athletes are cleaning up after themselves. 

Ensure your athletes are not hanging on any equipment, putting their feet in the pool, or obstructing the events in any way. 



GSJSL Championship Tshirts and Hoodies must be pre-ordered for the athlete's name to be on it. The order form is part of Meet Announcement and a separate fillable PDF form (see list of reports and forms above). All orders must come from the coaches with their entries email. Orders from parents will not be accepted. Payments must come from the coach's with their entry check. T-Shirts and Hoodies will be given to the coaches to hand out. There will be a limited supply a t-shirts and hoodies on the day of the meet. 



Please remind all parents that no parents are allowed in the locker rooms or on deck. If a parent wants to be on deck they need to sign up to be a volunteer. There will be safety marshals at all entrances/exits on deck ensuring that only athletes, volunteers, officials, and coaches are permitted on deck. This is required by USA Swimming and Middle Atlantic Swimming.

All teams will be required to have a coach or their parent stager at the Swimmer Drop Off Area to assist athletes that need additional help getting on and off deck. If there is an athlete that requires additional help in the locker room, all teams will be required to pair that athlete with another athlete "buddy". It is imperative that all parents are aware of this rule, as it is unfair to our marshals, officials, and volunteers for parents to be screaming at them. 



All Officials, Coaches, and Volunteers will have the hospitality area available to them during the three sessions. Athletes are not to be brought into the Hospitality area unless they are actually volunteering during a session. The hospitality area will be monitored and wrist bands will be checked. Ms. Nadia will be cooking for us once again. Once the menu is determined, it will be posted in this location. 



"USA/MA Approved meets will run under the technical rules of USA swimming. The host team and/or organization controls the coaches and on-deck volunteers."

Coaches attending our GSJSL Champs are not required to have USA Swimming Coaches Credentials. However, as a league we are requiring that the Head Coach from each team provide a list of approved coaches for their team. These coaches will need to show their identification (coaching credentials if they have them and their driver's license) at admission. Their name will be checked against our coaches list. Only those individuals on the list that provide identification will be permitted on deck. 

You will be given a wrist band to wear during each session of the meet.


OFFICIALS (MA, NJ, and YMCA Certified)

All officials need to sign up via SignUpGenius:

All officials will need to have their current USA Swimming credentials available to be viewed at the registration/admission desk in conjunction with your driver's license or government issued ID. Deck Pass or printed credentials are accepted.

This is required by Middle Atlantic Swimming.