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          Last Updated: 03/27/18 @ 8:00 AM

We are so excited to begin our U.S. Masters program at Greenheads Swimming!

Each member will have access to the Brigantine Aquatic Center to practice during the Open Member Hours. In addition, our Brigantine Greenheads Masters (BGHM) Team will practice as a group at 9 AM every Saturday. Please check the BGHM Google Calendar before coming to practice to ensure that have been no cancellations. 

BGHM Registration is a two step process:

  1. Register as a BGHM member via the Greenheads Masters Registration link above; monthly team dues is $50. If you are already a Brigantine Aquatic Center Member or BGH/BGHM Coach there is no monthly fee to become part of BGHM. The request for the registration is to know who is on the team and to ensure BGHM notifications are received by the entire team. 
  2. Register as a U.S. Masters swimmer with U.S. Masters Swimming. During the registration process please select "Brigantine Greenheads Masters (BGHM)" and the "Delaware Valley LMSC". This will ensure that you are registered with our team. 

Private technique lessons are available for $15 cash on Saturdays at 8 or 8:30; please contact Coach Sari for more information!

Team workouts have been developed by our coaching staff and will be in the BGHM Workout Filebox. This filebox is location at the end of the first set of bleachers on the pool deck. The filebox will include:

  • Green workout folders: Each folder will contain laminated workout sheets that can be used on the pool deck during your workout and then wiped dry and placed back in the filebox. 

    • ​The first folder will contain advanced workouts with modifications to make them for beginners ranging from 1500 to 5000 yards. 

    • The second folder has numerous 1000 yard workouts. These can be pieced together to make your own workout with desired yardage. 

    • The third folder is for athletes to return to. This will allow the coaching staff to see which workouts are being used. Feel free 

  • Athlete folders: Each athlete will have a folder that they can log their workouts and can communicate with the coaching staff.

    • The Orange folders are for our female members. 

    • The Yellow folders are for our male members. 

  • ​Red folders will include hand out information, workout lingo and key terms, meet information, and weekly articles.