Volunteer Hours FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I know how many hours I have volunteered or have left?

A:  You can see exactly how many hours you have worked and how many hours remain at anytime through the SJAC Website.

  • ​Log into your account
  • Go to My Account > My Invoice/Payment > Service

Q: Am I still required to complete my volunteer hours if my child does not swim in any meets?

A: All families with a swimmer in the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Gold Select, Senior, and/or Platinum are required to meet their hour requirement regardless of how many meets your child participates in.

Q: Can I apply for a Volunteer Hardship?

A: We do not have a "hardship application." If you feel you may not be able to complete your hours, we will help you come up with solutions so you are able to complete your hours.  You must contact the SJAC Head Coach before the end of the cut-off period or you will be assessed the Service Hours Fee.

Q: Do I need to volunteer the full 30 hours if my swimmer is injured?

A: If your swimmer is an "active" swimmer, all volunteer hours need to be met or the Service Hours Fee will be assessed.

Q: Can I get volunteer hours for taking the Official training class?

A: Yes.

Q: If I sign up to volunteer 2 hours and I am finished in 1.5 hours, do I get the full 2 hours?

A: You will receive credit for the actual hours worked.

Q: What if I signed up to volunteer and then am not able to? What do I do?

A:  If your plans change after registering for a job there are two options:

  1. If we are still 3 or more days out of the meet you may remove your sign up.
  2. If the meet is in less than 3 days it is your responsibility to find a suitable replacement for your shift.