YMCA Travel Policy


YMCA Swim Team Travel Policy

Swim Team Travel is defined as any trip involving a YMCA competitive Swim team in which part or all of a team travels to and from a competition.


Parents Attending the Competition

  • Parents are welcome to attend a competition that is designated as a team travel trip. During the competition and all designated team activities, participants are under the supervision of the trip leader, coaches and chaperones. If parents wish to transport their child home separate from the other participants on the trip, they must arrange this with the trip leader and let the trip leader know when they are departing.


  • Transportation is the responsibility of the team member and families
  • YMCA reimburses staff for pre-approved travel expenses
  • Staff travel expense is the responsibility of the Department Head
  • YMCA will transport team members and coaching staff from hotel to pool and pool to hotel
  • The team may contract charter bus, school bus, vans, rail or airline services from an established and reputable company.  These vehicles will only be driven by a licensed and certified YMCA staff member who is a member of the swim team coaching staff or a licensed and certified driver from the company
  • Private or personal vehicles may not be used for team travel by a YMCA staff member.

Trip Leader

  • YMCA to designate leader
  • Staff act as trip leader during YMCA activities only
  • Families/Parents are responsible for supervision during all non-Y time


  • Coaches manage the competition aspect of a team trip
  • Coaches may manage other aspects of team trips including team meals, meetings, etc. The trip leader may be a coach in the program.


  • A chaperone is an individual who is at least 21 years old and is a parent or guardian of a program participant. Chaperones assist the trip leader with the coordination and management of trip details and help ensure the safety of all participants during non-competition times. Exact duties may vary depending on the trip.
  • All team members must be assigned to a chaperone.
  • Each chaperone completes the Redwoods online training on child abuse prevention. Chaperones may be required to complete additional trainings and/or screenings as required by the sport’s national governing body.
  • YMCA swim team shall obtain signed permission slips for all chaperones/team members.
  • The supervising YMCA program director will meet with the chaperones prior to the trip to discuss schedule, responsibilities and rules.


  • All team trips will maintain an adult or chaperone to participant ratio of no less than 1 adult to 5 participants.


  • The trip leader will file the itinerary, roster of participants, staff and chaperones and all contact information with his/her supervisor and or the Branch Executive Director prior to departure.
  • The trip leader will conduct a pre-trip orientation for participants, chaperones, parents and staff as needed. This will include itinerary, conduct policies, cost, procedures and safety information.
  • Each participant will read and sign the YMCA’s team code of conduct prior to the trip and be held accountable to it.
  • Each participant and his/her parent or legal guardian will sign an acknowledgement of the team travel policies prior to the trip.
  • Each participant will have current medical and emergency contact information on file and a permission to treat statement signed by his/her parent or legal guardian. If a participant requires regular or emergency medication, the trip leader, coach or chaperone will be responsible for having or knowing the whereabouts of that medication and its dosage.
  • The whereabouts of each participant will be known by the trip leader, coaches and/or chaperones at all times during the trip.
  • Designated meeting, departure and curfew times will be followed strictly.
  • The trip leader will complete an accident or incident report for any medical or behavioral incident that occurs and will file it upon return to the YMCA.
  • If participants will have access to a recreational aquatic facility (water park, hotel pool, beachfront, etc.), they will be permitted to enter the water ONLY if a certified lifeguard is present and attentive at all times and rescue equipment is visible.

Overnight Travel Procedures

  • Participants will stay in hotel rooms together with no more than two individuals of the same sex per double bed.
  • The trip leader, coaches and chaperones may not share a hotel room with any participant.  When staying in a suite with multiple bedrooms, such as a dormitory, a trip leader, coach or chaperone may not stay in the same suite as participants.
  • Each room of participants will be assigned to a designated chaperone for supervision.
  • When entering participants’ rooms for room checks, trip leaders, coaches and chaperones will practice two-deep leadership (will go to rooms in pairs. An  open and observable environment at all times. Trip leaders, coaches and chaperones will not enter any room in which only one participant is present.
  • Coaches or the trip leader will establish a curfew each night and participants may not leave their rooms after that designated time unless given permission by a coach, chaperone or the trip leader.
  • At curfew, all cell phones and other electronic devices are turned off or to  mute. The trip leader, coaches and/or chaperones reserve the right to collect these devices at curfew and return them at breakfast the next day if it is determined that participants are using them after curfew.
  • Participants may not leave the hotel or competition venue alone or without the express permission of the trip leader, coach or chaperone.
  • When participants are anywhere during the trip and are not directly accompanied by an adult coach or chaperone, they must be in groups of no fewer than three.