Team Suits/Equipment

Team Suits

Swimmers are required to have and wear a team suit at swim meets. The team suit meet USA Swimming guidelines for competition.  The team suits are a durable material that will last a long time. Swimmers are encouraged to wear a team suit only at competitions and not practice. Swimmers do not need to wear their team suit to practice. Team suits and caps help to make each swimmer identifiable on a crowded pool deck at a meet to coaches and parents and show unity.

Swimmers who wish to wear a "racing" suit or tech suit should do so only when prompted by a coach or during their final competition. Racing/Tech suits are very expensive and have a significantly shorter life than the team suit.  More importantly, using a racing/tech suit for every race negates the mental benefit of putting one on at your final competition.  If a swimmer chooses to wear a tech suit at our championship meets during the months of February and March they may do so as long as the suit is Black or Red.