Swim Levels

An Evaluation is needed for all levels.  Please contact Tim Ryan at [email protected] to set up an evaluation.  

For swimmers who may not want to compete or do not have the time to commit to a year-round swim team. Purpose is to build stroke efficiency and endurance. 


2 Laps of Freestyle breathing to the side and proper body position  

2 laps of Backstroke with proper body position 

1/2 lap of Breaststroke

1/2 lap of Butterfly

Dive from the starting blocks


MINI | 6 - 9 YRS
Emphasis placed on stroke instruction; all race starts and turns, and advanced competitive skills. Swimmers train for 25 and 50-yard races. Competition is centered on YMCA dual meets along with the YMCA League Championships, and YMCA Invitational Meets.  Swimmers are expected to attend 3 out of the 4 practices and attend 4 out of 6 dual meets.  Swimmers must complete the Intramural Swim Team before trying out for this level. 

Evaluation Set:

  • 4x25 on 1:15
  • 4x25 SKOB on 1:30
  • 1x100 IM on 4:00 with legal strokes and walls
  • Dive from the starting blocks

AGE GROUP 1 | 9 - 12 YRS
Emphasis placed on developing stroke technique. Swimmers should be comfortable with all four strokes in 50 meters. Swimmers are introduced to longer events with emphasis being placed on preparation for YMCA and USA competition.  Swimmers should attend a minimum of 3 dual YMCA meets and consider swimming USA meets. 


Evaluation Set:

  • 6x50 on 1:10
  • 6x50 SKOB on 1:30
  • 3x100 IM on 2:30 with legal strokes and walls
  • Dive from the starting blocks

AGE GROUP 2 | 10 - 14 YRS
Swimmers should be prepared to make a commitment of 4-5 practices per week. Athletes introduced to more advanced training methods and longer events. In the early season, much emphasis is placed on technique. As the season progresses, swimmers will be introduced to longer training sets.  Swimmers are expected to attend 4 out of 6 dual meets and compete in USA meets / Long Course meets. 


Evaluation Set:

  • 200 Free warm up
  • 8x50 on 1:00
  • 6x50 SKOB on 1:05
  • 2x200 IM on 3:30 with legal strokes and walls
  • 4x100 Free Build on 1:45
  • Dive from the starting blocks

SENIOR  14 -18 YRS
Composed of the most dedicated and skilled swimmers who are committed to an intensive training program. Race strategy and training for a full range of sprint and distance events is offered. Emphasis on stroke technique early in the season with a shift to longer training as the group progression dictates in the second half of the season. Fine-tuning of all strokes, starts and turns emphasized. Swimmers are expected to attend 4 out of 6 dual meets and compete in USA meets / Long Course meets. 


Evaluation Set:

  • 200 Free warm up
  • 8x50 on :45
  • 6x50 SKOB on 1:00
  • 3x200 IM on 3:00 with legal strokes and walls
  • 4x100 Free Build on 1:30
  • Dive from the starting blocks