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2018-2019 Fees


Fees for the Fall/Winter SAL swim and dive season include practice starting October 1  through January, SAL dual meets, Championship meets and Mini-meets for developmental swimmers. All home meets and Mini-Meets are held at Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School. Practice schedules will be announced shortly with 4-5 practices per week at Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School.

Program Value
Developmental (full season) $300
Developmental (monthly) $75
SAL Swimmer  $350
SAL Diving $300
SAL Swimmer and Diver $449
US Swimmer (meets only) $50
High School Swimmer (meets only) FREE

Developmental swimming Fall/Winter 2018-19 fee:

$300 includes practice and 4 mini-meets to introduce swimmer to competition.

SAL Swimming Fall/Winter 2017-18 fee:

$349 includes practice, SAL Dual and Championship meets. Invitational meets will be available for those swimmers who desire additional competition. These meets may require separate registration fees to attend.  

SAL Meets only Fall/Winter 2017-18 fee:

High school swimmer: no cost

US swimmers no CCA practice: $50

Swimmers not eligible for Multiple Swimmer discount

Diving Fall/Winter 2017-18 fee:

Diving cost is $300 for the fall/winter season.

If your child is swimming the cost to dive is $100.

Total cost for swimming and diving is $449 for the season.

Multiple swimmer account discount:

The discount is taken from the account total to which each swimmer is registered.  CCA's goal is to make swimming accessible to all Colonial Community families and we will work with each individual family to meet this goal.

     2nd Swimmer: $50 account discount

     3rd Swimmer: $150 account discount 

     4th Swimmer:  $350 account discount

     5th Swimmer:  $700 account discount