Group Descriptions


Mini Dolphins

Swimmers in this group will have mastered freestyle (i.e. rotary breathing, horizontal body positioning and strong supportive kick) and backstroke.  In this level they will be introduced to breaststroke and butterfly, working on perfecting technique in order to swim all strokes legally and achieve times in all strokes and IM.

Bronze Group

Emphasis in this group will remain on stroke technique, while introducing basic training sets and pace clock work.  Swimmers in this group should know all four strokes, in addition to having the stamina to swim continuous 50's during practice.

Silver Group

Swimmers in this group will be performing interval and sprint training. Advanced training and technique work will continue to be stressed during the season.  In this group, swimmers should be able to legally complete a 200 IM and a 50 of each stroke. 

Gold Group

Previous competitive swimming experience, and the ability to complete a 100 of each stroke and a 400 IM is a requirement of this group.  While an emphasis is still placed on stroke development, swimmers in this group focus on interval training at a higher intensity than previous levels. Membership with USA swimming is highly encouraged.

Platinum Group

Swimmers will need to be able to complete a 500 free, 400 IM, and a 200 of their specialty stroke(s).  An emphasis is placed on conditioning, race strategies and interval training,  Membership with USA Swimming is required.

Unsure of what level your swimmer should be in?  Please contact us to schedule an evaluation.