FAQ about USA

What is USA Swimming?

Visit our What is USA Swimming page for more information.

Who should join USA Swimming?

All swimmers are encouraged to join USA Swimming.  Visit our Who Should Join USA page for more information.

How do I join USA Swimming?

Visit our How to Join USA page for more information.

How do I renew my USA Swimming membership?

Active memberships will automatically be renewed unless the member notifies the Head Coach by November 1st of the current membership year that they do not want to have their membership renewed for the following year.

What expenses can I expect when joining USA Swimming?

There is the annual membership fee of $90.  For most meets, entry fees are charged for each event the swimmer is registered to swim;  entry fees often cost about $5/event.  Swimmers who elect to participate in overnight meets may also have the travel costs (e.g. fuel, hotel accommodations, meals, etc.).

The annual membership fee of $90 will be charged the swimmer's CYA account once membership is processed with USA Swimming.  Event entry fees will be charged to the swimmer's CYA account after the Head Coach submits all meet entries to the host team.  All membership and meet entry fees must be paid in accordance with CYA payment terms included in the Team Handbook.  Swimmers with open balances for these fees may not be permitted to swim USA meets until the fees are paid in full.    

What does a USA Swimming season look like?

USA Swimming consists of two seasons each year:

  • Long Course Season runs April thru July.  Most USA Swimming meets during this season are held at long-course (50 meter) pools.
  • Short Course Season runs September thru March.  Most USA Swimming meets during this season are held at short-course (25 yard) pools.

What are the championships for each USA Swimming season?

Both seasons culminate with their own championship meets.  Junior Olympics (JOs) are held for the 14-year and under swimmers.  Senior Championships (Senior Champs) are held for the 15-year and older swimmers.

How many USA meets does CYA participate in each year?

CYA seeks to register for one USA meet per month.  This goal can be challenged by busy times of the year (e.g. summer & holiday seasons), registrations that fill early, or conflicts in our league schedules. 

What travel can I expect to make to attend USA Meets?

CYA prioritizes local meets when registering for meets each season.  CYA typically hosts at least two home meets each year.  Most away meets are located within a 30-minute to 3-hour drive.  The schedule often includes at least one overnight meet each season.  Some of the overnight meets are championship meets or meets that have qualifying times, so not all USA-registered swimmers will be invited to attend these meets.

Can I select which USA meets to attend?

Of course.  However, it is important to remember that the Head Coach will enter all swimmers who have active USA Swimming memberships in all USA meets unless the swimmer declines attending a specific meet.  Once a swimmer is entered for a USA meet, their CYA account will be charged the associated event entry fees and payment will be expected.  

Can I select which events to swim at a USA meet?

The Head Coach will select all of the swimmer's events for USA meets.  Swimmers may discuss these entries with the Head Coach at any time.