Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder Exercises


In an effort to reduce the chances of our swimmers developing a repetitive use injury, particularly in the shoulders, CYA coaches structure their practices to feature a different stroke each day.  This allows different muscles to be worked in different ways, daily.  In addition, our coaches also stress proper stroke technique constantly.  However, even with these measures being taken, some shoulder injuries are still possible.

In order to strengthen the muscles in the shoulders that aren't worked as hard in swimming, and are therefore weaker than other muscles which are used more frequently, we have developed a short shoulder exercise routine which we hope will further reduce the chances of shoulder injuries.  The exercises are fairly simple and will not take long to complete at home.  The benefits will be well worth the 10 minutes of exercising!

Below is a link to a video demonstrating the exercises, as well as a downloadable handout seen in the video.

► Shoulder exercise demonstration video

► Shoulder exercise handout